No More 800 #


Just called and the 800# does not work anymore:sad:


I know, I was so sad. I tried that number over the weekend and it’s gone.

Here’s the new thread with different toll free numbers.


Disney teacher post all the new WDW numbers. They are stickies in the planning threads (parks, resorts and restaurants) The number not being valid anymore is why she made the thread older 800 thread not a sticky anymore and posted the new numbers.


I tried both the posted numbers tonight to check on my res and neither work.

They must have found out about us.


I am guessing with all those fancy phone plans out there (aside from verizon) like cable phones and cell phones, toll free is is like an oxymoron. And Disney’s way of saving a few bucks.


Try these:


Disney dining 1-800-711-4344


Sorry I didn’t see your updated thread…I should read before I type.


opps…i’ll call a mulligan too. sorry


This is what I figured too!!

However, I just tried the other # and it works!!!:happy:


A long time ago, in the early 90s when we started doing a lot of trips, there was no 800 option, I think. I remember being on hold and even though the music was terrific (Zip A Dee Doo Dah!), I was counting out the pennies with each passing moment…