No more cool music on Disneyland Website


Yesterday, I found to my dismay that the website for Disneyland had been changed. :noo:

Where before, you could to the Jazz Kitchen link, they would have constantly changing photos of that restaurant. You could also play the musical rift that had a swinging jazz tune. :cool:

Not anymore. :angry:

Which is REALLY a bummer, 'cause I was hoping to download their tune for my cell phone ringer. :huh:

But then, Kem seemed to be annoyed with that tune, and I suspect bad things would have happened to my cell phone if I was successful. :angel:

And it’s not just Jazz Kitchen. Blue Bayou’s was changed as well. No cute banjo music from the entrance to the first drop at Pirates of the Caribbean :crying:


Well, the Jazz Kitchen Website has some music playing…



Yeah, but it’s a lot cheesier than what the Downtown Disney Dining link had.

“Oh when the Saints…” is nice, and good for the French Quarter Celebrations, I was REALLY HAPPY listening to the hip rift that is now GONE… :sad:

I am just puzzled as to why they pulled the audio links to the restaurants.

The music gave a realistic impression of the atmosphere of each restaurant…


Aha! Did not know that. :frowning:



What a bummah :c(


It is, since it kinda allowed you a thirty second soundbite as if you were in the restaurant proper.

Sort of an audio Disney fix. :tongue:

Now I think I’m in serious PDD… :crying:


It’s back!



Never mind.

It turns out that they changed it again.

This is making me sad… :sad: