No more flag family?!?!


So, was talking to a CM at WL & asked about being the Flag Family, & she said that she does not believe they are diong this anymore!!
Can anyone confirm this?? & if it’s true, any reason why?


What? I hope not, that’s one of my best memories from our 2003 trip.


What is a flag family?


Flag family get to raise the flag on the WL roof. You have to ask at check in and I think only one family a day gets to do it.

I do hope this is a rumor and not really true. I know several of our memebers who have done it and enjoyed it.


I was just thinking the same thing. I have never heard of this before. Thanks Dana for explaining. I think it would be shame for something like this to stop~ some little traditions like this keep the magic alive for some people. I mean, the magic is always is always at WDW but it’s all Big and Bold, these small things like ‘flag family’ make even bigger statements sometimes. Do you get what I mean?


Well, that would be a shame. That’s a nice remembrance for families.

This just got me to thinking - do all flags have a name?

I mean like our flag is The Maple Leaf, USA The Stars and Stripes, UK The Union Jack, France The Tri-Colour. I don’t know why I wonder about these things, but I do…


I sure hope this CM was incorrect. My family has been able to raise the flags on the roof twice and its one of our favorite memories. Last time we did it our CM who escorted us was Stan the Man, a very friendly older gentleman. If you’ve ever met him you gotta love him. :happy: But he said he has been doing the tour and flag families for many years and may soon retire. Is it possible that he did retire and now the WL has put a kabosh on the flag families? :ohmy: Oh my! Has anyone heard if they’re still doing the tours of the lodge???


Technically the flag is called the Union Flag, the Union Jack is the correct name for the flagpole, but don’t worry most Brits get it wrong as well!!


Really? That’s interesting. Just like Big Ben is the bell and not the clock.