No More Free Dining!?!


I’m helping Danielle plan a trip with Jack to WDW in late August. Yes, they are going without me, but I am going to Italy without them next week.

Anyway, the CM at the call center told me that she would’ve had to book by June 25 to take advantage of the free DDP.

Does anyone know of any other codes or tricks that might save her some money on this trip?

Here are her tentative plans:

5 nights at PoP.
Magic Your Way, Park Hopper, no water parks or DQ.
DME, no rental car, as she won’t be leaving Disney property.

She wants the DDP, but obviously would’ve wanted it for free.


You may save more by booking the componets serately. If she is only getting a base ticket and a room ,then book seperate. If she wants the dining plan, then you are going to have to do a package. Still then, I don’t think it’s necessary. Is she and her DS big eaters? If not, then don’t bother with the dining package. Do they intend to do character meals? If so, then go with it or skip and have them as breakfasts. The cheapest wat to do WDW is do book each thing seperate unless they have free dining… Am I making sense at all? I don’t feel like I am…lol


You are making sense Dana. I was thinking the same thing. Do they really need the dining plan? A kid and a woman who doesn’t have a huge appetite. I think my appetite alone made the dining plan worth it :laugh:

But if it’s just them, it probably isn’t worth it.


I would have her book the resort and then get her tickets either online or at a disney store. She can get the DME with her reservation and avoid paying for a towncar. She can get the Disney Dining experience card and that will save her some money on everything she and her DS eat. Tell her to book all her table service meals for breakfast also. That will help.


opps. Tell her to get a base ticket also without pakr hopping. If she is going just her and DS, she won’t need to hop and tour like a commando. Just do what the kid wants and everyone will be happy…lol


Thanks for the advice Dana. I thought of some of the same things too. I just got off the phone with her and asked her if she minded not “hopping” and she said it wouldn’t be a problem. You can always go back to the same park you were in that day, with a handstamp, and evenings, instead of park hopping, there is always DtD, BW and resort hopping.


I think you can only get a DDE membership if you’re an AP holder of a Florida resident. You also get a discount on your AP if you’re a Florida resident. We’d been doing package vacations for about 4 years but I decided to buy APs and DDE membership and just pay for everything out of pocket. The only difference was we didn’t feel we had to gorge ourselves at every meal to make being on a premium package pay off. I think in the end it cost about the same.


Anyone know how to get disounts on room-only? I’ve only ever booked packages, so I have no idea of the ins and outs of room-only booking. AAA maybe?


AAA is the way to go for room-only discounts if Disney hasn’t put out discounts for the general public.


Go through Mousketrips!! If there is a code or anything out there then they’ll know it!! They almost always can get it cheaper than going if you through disney direct. If you just want to do it on your own then check out


Yeah! Maybe you should use mouseketrips!! :c)

Too bad she didn’t get the free dining…It would only be worth it if she wanted sitdown meals every single day (character)…

!!! I’m so excited for her!!! What are her dates, you know the Wiggles are gonna be there!? Does Jack still love the wiggles?


Just when you think he isn’t into them anymore, you put them on and he gets all giddy and starts singing about big red cars and fruit salad. :laugh:

Yeah, he still digs The Dads.


:heart: The Dads :heart: Great memory, you have. :wink:

SO, what are her dates??


Mabye Im a spending fool but I always get the 10 day premium no expire. I have gone on so many trips that about one of every three Im covered for passes.

I’d also recommend the dining plan. With all of the character options, Im sure you’ll use it. I love the fact that its one less thing to budget for during the trip.