No more HAT!


What do you think about that? I’m kinda shocked they are doing it, but thankful…

My 12 year old has no idea that it was not original to the park…


I read that. I’m not sure how I feel about it one way or another. I wonder why? Has there been a “get rid of the hat” movement? How about a “get rid of stonehenge in epcot” movement?


I didn’t read the article, but does anyone know what they are replacing it with?


…nothing…they are going back to leaving it open to the theater as it was before…the question that’s not answered is what they will do with the hat…lots of rumors on that!!!


I am not sure how I feel about it. It is kind of “dead space” (not that they would do much with the area), but it was a nice meeting place for catching up with people in the park. Everyone knew where the “hat is”.


You have a very good point there.


I loved having the area open before the hat…there was lots of room for the Aladdin, Dinosaurs (TV show) and other parades with large floats to come down the street and make the turn…the view was nice walking in the gate too…I won’t miss it when it’s gone…but I don’t mind if they put it somewhere else…


it would be good at the entrance to the area when you drive in…


Actually…anyplace out front there would make for great pictures…I think. :blush:


I have mixed feelings on the hat. It was not there during my College Program and I spent many hours working the merch carts in that open area right by the Chinese Theater so I was sad when the hat changed the whole feeling there. But now I am so used to it that I might acutally miss it!


DHS needs a “weenie” as Walt called them, you know, an icon. Like the Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, and Cinderella’s Castle. The hat fulfilled that need.
I have mixed feelings. Then again, I had mixed feelings when they remove the “hand” from Spaceship Earth in Epcot.
I did notice that there was no stage and no ground supported truss in front of the hat this week.


I am fine with the hat going but I do agree that HS needs a weenie. Tower of Terror is kinda of that weenie in some ways.


I really thought it was over the top when they put it in, but I’ve grown to love it as it has really become the symbol of Studios. Sad to see it go.


I think that it is easy to focus on them removing something so familiar (my kids didn’t know it was not part of the original park)… but I am always anticipating what will come. I have been to the cars land in California, and it is mind blowing. Here’s to hoping that they put it in Florida. The Christmas decorations there were so creative, and unreal… I loved, loved, loved that part of that park. So, if they remove a hat for something like that- it is worth it…


I wish they would bring back the lights of winter at Epcot.


What she said!!!


I don’t mind them removing the hat but I wish they would replace it with something cool. I like the fact that each park has a center icon that identifies it.


Agreed… but I wonder if they are working towards that… not necessarily better- but I bet the addition of all the pixar stuff/star wars stuff influences it… I do see where the hat fits their brand of movies including that hat in Fantasia… I wonder if they are trying to change their image of a Disney movie… (Not necessarily good) if they remove the old history of the movies…

BTW- I love Disney movies- and this is making me nostalgic for the old ones…