No more real glasses and coffee mugs in DVC studios?


Reading on allearsnet that the dvc studios will now only have disposable cups. No more real glasses or coffee mugs. I think this is an awful idea. I’ve already written to DVC to state my disappointment in this new policy. It sounds like a small thing, but I like having a real mug to hold my coffee in the morning… Any one else feel this way?


Is this for Quick Service? Counter Service? Table Service? I don’t quite understand.
As IF Disney needs to use MORE disposable products though - the amount of waste there is sickening.
Good for you for writing a letter.


Not the park, the dvc villas. The studios are the smallest type of villa.


Maybe cause they don’t have full kitchens and they don’t see the point of having the mugs? Got me…it’s kinda silly, but does follow what they do in the resort rooms. Coffe pot + disposable mugs. Are they getting stolen? If they constantly have to replace them, I can see them going the disposable route, but why in just the studios? I have to say that in the Villa and the studio, I used disposable cause I really didn’t feel like washing them…lol


doink guess thats why this is in the DVC corner thread :dry:
thanks…sometimes I need a little more s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g. out than others :laugh:


This is why . . . it says it in the newsletter . . . some people just don’t clean up after themselves!! Sounds like a good excuse to buy yourself a cute MICKEY mug!! :laugh:

Disney Vacation Club spokesperson Diane Hancock confirmed for AllEars® that the studio villas no longer have glassware or ceramic mugs for use and have now switched to disposables. “Because dishwashing equipment is not available in the studios, we feel this is the best option for our members and guests,” said Hancock. And without the glassware, dishwashing soap will no longer be provided for the Studios. This change does not affect the one-, two- and three-bedroom villas.


ummm the only dish washing equipment I have at home is my two hands, hot water and soap. Does that mean I should switch to all paper products at home???


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

True . . . but like I said, I’m sure it’s because people weren’t doing the dishes and Mousekeeping was left with a mess at the end of their stay . . . it always surprises me how some people are so messy, at the resorts, the bathrooms . . . you wonder what their own homes look like!!:eek:


I wonder if this has anything to do with the whole “hotel cleaning staff” 20/20 episode about dirty glasses. If they are disposable, they don’t have to worry about complaints.


jo-jo -

Walt disney world is going to go with the majority every time…if the majority is leaving scummy glasses and not washing them, they are going to take them away. They aren’t going to leave the glasses for the few who actually clean up after themselves and do the right thing. It’s like everything else in life…the ones who follow the rules and do what they are suppose to pay for the ones who don’t. If you want a mug for your coffee, bring one from home.


Very possible.


I’m guess I’m not in the norm but I like this change. I would rather have a cup I can just throw out than one I have to wash. The first thing I do is wash the cups and glasses because I didn’t know if the person before us did a good job or just rinsed and put it back. I know it’s not ‘green’ but after the 20/20 bit I don’t want to use a glass in a hotel again.


That’s what I was thinking. After seeing that show, I knew I would never drink out of a glass in a hotel/motel room again.:blow: I’ll take deposables anytime.


I am the same…can’t be bothered with washing anything unless it’s necessary. Hello…vacation…besides you don’t know if anyone used that cup as an ashtray or god forbid something worse…EWWWWWW


See, the thing that REALLY made me roll my eyes with this news was the fact that in the Spring issue of DVC’s “Disney File” magazine there was a theme going on about “being green.” Not to mention Disney’s whole “environmentality” initiative which heavily focuses on “creating less waste,” which you can read more about here: The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies - Waste Minimization

Then what do they do?? Eradicate re-usable kitchenwares & replace them with disposables. :laugh: HELLO! Recycled or not, I just thought it was kinda contradictory.

I don’t mind either way really (and I am NOT a “green freak” at all) but even though the studios don’t have a full kitchen they DO have coffee makers, microwaves, fridges, etc… and I prefer to use the ceramic wares for hot chocolate, tea, soup, popcorn, etc… I think it just feels more like “home” than using paper products for 10 days.

I never minded washing them thoroughly before I used them, or after.

PS: I really do give Disney TONS of credit in the conservation & ‘environmentality’ department, they started that whole thing WAY before it was popular or even really expected from big corporations so that’s cool but still… just thought that little bit of info was kinda funny.


I haven’t seen the 20/20 episode and for some reason I don’t think I want too… I don’t like using hotels glasses/mugs anyway so I always bring my own from home or I get a new mug… My husband teases me if that I could I would bring my own glasses to restruants since Im really bad about not liking to use other people’s cups. You never know how well they wash them.


That being said, does it REALLY matter if you have a mug or bowl? Will it alter your vacation or make is less magical? I’m sorry guys, but I can think of tons of more things more important in life to gripe about. Again, mass majority will not wash them…mass majority will take them…mass majority doesn’t give a rat’s butt about doing the right thing…that means the ones that don’t do all of the above pay for it. WDW has taken things away slowly, but surely over the years cause most people just stink…people are selfish and all about themselves and have no consideration for anyone around them or coming after them. I don’t blame WDW…sorry, but I don’t. The guests ruin it…every single time with every single perk. They have to manipulate the system and do everything to get more than what their entitled to…this is just a little thing, but just one more example of WDW taking yet one more silly little thing away cause of “some people”


Well said Dana!!


Like I said, I really don’t care either way. Just something that made me chuckle after reading their “push to create less waste.” I didn’t realize this was such a serious matter either way. I just hope we actually HAVE cups & bowls to use 'cause Mousekeeping only comes once during a DVC 7-night stay to refill those things.


Well this will NEVER affect me since “olld woman who lives in a shoe” has to have a 2 bedroom each time! I might never see the inside of a studio…