No more segmenting DVC ressie for DDP


All ears is reporting you can no longer segment your stay to only do the ddp for part of your trip. So sad for me. I was planning to do the DDP for the first night only. I’ve read lots of people would do something like day 1, 3, 5 and 7 are DDP, the rest no dining. Which meant being checked in and out every time the dining plan changed. I’m sure it was taking up more time for CMs to do this , than disney had planned on.


sorry to hear that you are being affected by this. We have no desire to do the dining plan so I don’t see it ever being a factor for us.


Time to check out TIW!!!


Well - hymph!:dry: We don’t get the DDP often, but it seems like this is just another perk that’s been taken away from us.


You can still get the DDP for your whole stay. You just can’t do the plan for part of your trip.

We were going to do the deluxe plan for the first night only, for around 80(plus tips), you get a mug, two snacks and three TS. Sounded like a great dea for the beginning of a trip. We don’t like a TS everyday. But people were changing plans everyday. I don’t believe Disney every thought of this happening.

It was causing computer problems, so there was more front desk time needed, some people were getting the rooms cleaned everyday (like a new ressie) and going home with 6 or 7 mugs per person, personal time for checking guests in and out of the same room 6 times in one week, etc.


We are going to do TIW, but since we don’t plan to activate our AP for until Dec 1 (plan to squeeze in a post thanksgiving trip in 2012), we can’t get the TIW for the first couple of days.


I think there should be a separate (but equal) DDP for DVC - not because we’re “special”, but because there’s a different dynamic with DVC. Members of families come and go - often we have one daughter, then she goes home, the other comes. This year I’ll be there with just one dd and her boyfriend for three days, then we move from a one bedroom to a two bedroom when dh comes; so that’s a separate reservation. I’m sure one of the Disney genius’s could come up with some sort of plan to accomodate. As it is, we aren’t eligible for free dining at all - so a DVC DDP would be a nice benefit.


I totally agree! This year we have APs so we got a TIW card but that will not always be the case. It would be nice to have a DVC version of DDP with more flexibility.


I think that is what disney intended of being able to book the DDP for part of the trip. But not have the type of ddp change every other day. I heard some people mention they wish they could book four days of the plan but be able to spread the credits across a week. That would fit us just right.


Exactly. We’re not getting anything free. But we often ahve people arrive later or leave earlier.