No more SWW. Check the disney blog


With construction, no more SWW. My DD is going to be crushed. They went every other yr for this.


Yes, people are talking about this on another site, that Disney’s web site originally stated they were having Star Wars Weekend, so they booked rooms and flights for it. Now they cancel it out of the blue. Disney has frustrated me one too many times with everything going away and raising prices. I’m pretty sure after our already booked trip in January, I’m going to be done for a while. Very frustrated with them.


Yes, my DD was just talking about she has to make a reservation for their June trip. Can you imagine the people who are flying and are locked in???

But Osbourne lights, SWW, tickets hikes, awful IT, stupid FP+, trying to plan a trip and then find out your resort will have no pool for 6 months…

yes, I know we want new things. But it’s not like disney just wakes up and says lets start building today. They must have starting dates planned a yr or so ahead. Why couldn’t they have a 'one last time" warning.

I was reading an other disney site people were complaining that their hotel had no water for 5 hrs during the night. And it was planned, not a pipe just just broke. I believe it was planned for two or three nights. And you should hundreds of dollars to stay there?