No more Web Cams?


Did Disney get rid of all its webcams? Why, oh why? That would be a great draw to people.


Gosh, I guess everyone else is as clueless as me on this one?!? I am sad, I loved the old webcams.


I don’t think I even knew Disney had webcams… :huh: Where have I been?


Side comment…you will be there on your CP when I am there for my trip. Please do let us all know where you are. I would love to come up and say hey.


Oh I most definitely will!! I’m so excited to find out. You know MB will be my first stop as soon as I get my assignment! :laugh: And I would LOVE to see you while I’m there!! :happy:


The only webcam I remember wasn’t Disney but Dolphin or Swan.

Unless someone has hacked into the security cameras. :laugh:


I remember the Dolphin and Swan cameras too but years ago there were a few. It would be great to see them again. I think while it probably drew people to the park, overwhelmingly people would see how crowded the park was and stay home. Could also be a security issue for threats against the park I would suppose. Either way, bummer that they aren’t out there anymore. Most webcams seem to be going away.


Disney used to have webcams in the theme parks, but they were all turned off after 9/11 for “security reasons” and have never been brought back.

There is still a camera at the Swan - but it only works some of the time:


9 years later and we are still paying for it. **** you terrorists! I want the cams back!

I don’t know, I guess it would just add fuel to my Disney fire. is pretty cool, but it isn’t the same. I hate to admit this, but when no one is in my office, I turn it on and turn up the sound so I can hear the park. LOL.