No pictures?


Hey Mickey - what’s up with the pictures in Chit Chat not showing up? Everytime we try to post something, we get red Xs. It’s been happening for a few days now. But it only seems to be in Chit Chat, as people have posted on the main boards, and they show up.

Just curious…


KIPPAGE… didn’t you see my “red x’s” post in chitchat… ohhh noooo!!! Take cover QUICK… the red x’s are going to get you!!! They hijacked my avatar this morning and it took me hours to wash the red ink off my face.



lost…my pics work fine?..


I tried posting one today. When you post it, it shows up for you, but not for anyone else. So I thought my goat pic showed up fine, but no one else saw it - they all get the Xs. All the turtle/hippos you posted… red X’s for everyone else. :crying:


I dont see them either :dry:


oh dear!!! well, I guess no chitchat pics for now then :S
There is obvioulsy alot going on with the site in the last few days, with chit chat saying ‘never’ and what not…but whatever is happening to the site I can’t wait to see it all done! :mickey:


OH!!! I didn’t even think about the site being redone. Now that you mention it, I remember Mickey talking about it earlier. That might be it! Completely forgot! :pinch:


yeah, thats what I was thinking…we should go search the forums to see if he’s mentioned anything reciently that we didn’t notice…


Perhaps it’s an ad for the new series, The X’s?

current mood: amused


…a Nickelodeon ad on DC?! SACRILEGE!!! haha


Well, Patrick Warburton (Kronk, the TV Buzz Lightyear, the flight instructor on Soarin’, and really too many other Disney roles to count) does do the voice of Mr. X… Wendie Malick is Mrs. X and also ChiCha, Pacha’s wife from Emperor’s New Groove…

is still astonished, nay, thunderstruck, that Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, does the voice of RUFUS, THE MOST AMAZING NAKED MOLE RAT THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, on Kim Possible


EEEK!!! MY HUSBAND DOES THE VOICE?! than man, I’m going to have to keep a better eye on what he’s doing :tongue:
Wendie Malick is also awesome! Love her as Nina on Just Shoot Me :smile:
I’m going to have to watch that show…

okay, I am now banned from posting in this thread any more! yikes!


Patrick Warburton was also Putty(sp?) on Seinfeld, and then he was also on the show Less than Perfect on ABC. This may have already been mentioned though.