No preferred availible in CBR?


So I just called to upgrade our sept reservations to preferred instead of standard and the lady (who has lost her “magic”) said there was none available!! How is that possible? I’m calling back to see if I get someone else if it really is…


When exactly are you going? If it is the weekend of September 8th and 9th,the weekend of the Night of Joy festival in the MK,then maybe there truly are no preferred rooms available.


we’re going end of september–24th thru oct 1


Did you call back and speak to a different CM?


I did!
And still no preferred! We wanted to be in close proximity to the food court, so that is noted on our reservations… but we did get an upgrade to “water view”


And the CM also mentioned that there were only 10 more rooms availible w/waterview!
And this is Disney’s largest resort? How can that be? I hope it’s not going to be too crazy down there!


I guess fall is becoming a more popular time to go to WDW.


I think they having whiz-bang success with the DDP added free with lodging/admission purchase which seems to also be indicated by surprisingly hard to get ADRs for that period.

Congratulations to them on their success!..but it makes us family trip planners work harder :laugh:


Ugh…that’s the SAME week we’ll be there. Kinda daunting…HOWEVER, with that being the last week the free dining is offered it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of folks are planning to take advantage of it…


I’m always a little skeptical about statements like “we only have ten rooms left”. We were told the same thing in March about Saratoga Springs and when we got there the place was deserted. :dry: I think Disney “holds back” rooms for various reasons (none of which they’re going to share with us). We’re going the same time - remember Allyson a mini meet & greet! - and had no trouble booking OKW - in fact, we could have had our choice of DVC properties, and that rarely happens. So - keep trying - and if it doesn’t work out - ask when you check in. Somehow, very often, these rooms “magically” appear. :dry:


DEFINITELY!! I’ll revive my old thread in Mousetrap (or post a new one, since my dates have changed slightly) and we’ll get something tentative planned! :mickey:

And, I agree with llama, keep trying and something will work out!!


In the past, I started booking our October vacation a little late. I wanted the Contemporary tower, but all that was available were the wings. This is during the annual PGA tournament, and all the deluxes become hard to get rooms in. I booked into the Poly, but kept my eye open for an opening in the tower. I’d guess 10 days later, tower club rooms in the Contemporary freed up, so I was able to change my reservation and surprise my wife at the same time. Rooms will always become available closer to the date you’re going, mostly because people make more reservations than actually come. As reservations cancel, you could find the best rooms become available. Well, not always, but keep trying.