No really, why is it


…that the shorter the countdown, the more excruciating the wait? :pinch: :pirate: :ph34r: :laugh:

I haven’t had a “for-sure” countdown in forever, so I can’t really remember the last time I was only 16 days away from WDW. And the wait is KILLING ME. :eek:

I keep looking at it, then I’ll make myself go do something else, then I’ll come back and look at it again…I swear it’s NOT MOVING. :laugh:

I know, a watched pot never boils right? :tongue:


i’m right there with you. that’s why its 1:27 am and i’m here…i can’t sleep 'cause i’m so excited…


Great for both of you. I enjoy the pre-trip jitters. I am up at this awfull hour for work.

Enjoy your jitters.


The wait may be hard, but the payoff will be fabulous!! Stay strong… it’s almost here!


When I need to kill time during countdowns, I spend waay too much time looking at photos on I’m sure you’ve already done that, but that helps a little for me!


Im just waiting to get to a point where I have a countdown to wait on- Im jealous of your wait…lol


Try a margarita… time will fly by! LOL


Yeah, you wait for what seems like FOREVER, and then the trip flies by and all you are left with is PDD (post Disney depression). I hope it gets here really quickly.


It’s because you haven’t been in SO long and now you really really for serious get to go!!!

BTW, I am so excited for you I still can’t stand it. But you know that!


:laugh: I like this idea - I think I may have to try it tonight!!


I know, I kind of feel like you’re coming with me :blink: :laugh: because you’ve shared all my disappointment before, and now we finally get to be excited for real! I have to keep reminding myself you’re not coming with. :crying: :crying: :crying:


GMTA, Cozzie – I go over there and read all the menus. :laugh:

Over and over and over…:blush: Doesn’t matter that I already know what’s on there.

An-ti-ci-pa-tionnnn, an-ti-ci-paaaay-aaaay-tion…:pinch:


I was just there going over the menus too!:blush:


I keep changing my desktop photo. :laugh: Over and over and over…I can’t make up my mind…