No Ressie's in January?


Planning on going 1/11 to 1/16. Went to my travel agent today and she said they won’t have the prices for packages - Hotel with park tickets till End of August! So can’t make reservations till then unless I want to do just hotel now. Has anyone had this problem. I was hoping to make dinner reservations at 180 days out for the whole trip with my reservation number. When I go on the Disney World web site you can’t get any reservation info past December.
Very Annoying.:frown:


I tried the Disney site and it says only through December right now. I have DVC ressies made for January. If you were to rent points you could get those now but it doesn’t look like others are available yet.


Make your room ressie now. That way you can get the resort you want, when you wnat it. You can modify your ressie with additions as prices change or packages come into play. The room is the most important part.


Tep, called yesterday to ask about prices for next year and they said at the end of August the new prices will be out.