No room at Coronado


OK, so I know it’s realy early but since we can’t go this winter I am getting my fix by already planning for our trip next November/ December. When I tried to book a room at Coronado Springs, there are only suites available.:blink: I have tried to see pricing with a discount code I got by email as well as just trying with no discounts at all. I also tried calling & the CM I got had no luck either. He said that CS has really increased in popularity but I really find it hard to believe that they are THAT booked up almost 12 months away. What do you all think? Could it have something to do with the fact that it is a convention resort? Thoughts anyone?


Keep trying. With 2000 rooms, it doesn’t make sense.
More likely they’ve blocked out rooms that will be released later.
Even as a convention hotel, it would be very hard to believe that all regular rooms are locked up for November and December when it’s only January.
It could also be your length of stay combined with your arrival and departure date. If at any time during your date range a room is not available as X rate, then you won’t be able to make a reservation.


I just got a regular room from November 9-14 for two adults and two kids.
Cost is $1163. Four nights at $169 and two nights (Friday and Saturday) at $179.
This is rack rate, no discounts.
It might also be that you’re trying to get discounted rooms and once the discounted rooms are gone, remember, the number of rooms the set aside for discount is limited and when they’re gone, that’s it.

Changing the dates to 11/14-11/20, it goes up to $1187 because the last night is $200.


We tried looking at rack rates, no discount, but still no luck. We really wanted to go after Thanksgiving so the Christmas decorations are all completely up. We are looking at arriving anywhere after November 27 until Decmeber 3 & staying for 2 weeks. Maybe we will consider going earlier but we really don’t want to at this point.


I can tell you from repeated experience, try and try again. Every single year we try something that doesn’t work, wait one day or two, and get what we want. Disney is so huge, and there are sooooo many people trying to get in, you will have no problem. It might take you a couple weeks, but you will get it.

Cheers, good luck!


Mid Oct to first of Dec is National/Regional IRS Tax Seminar Conventions, some of which CSR has been know to host. My mom has dangled that carrot in my face several times over the years lol. If they happen to be hosting another, that could possibly be a contributing factor as well. idk


When I booked a room for Nov. 1 to 10 (the last week of the FaWF) back in October, I had no problem. Don’t know what’s going on that there are no rooms left?


I just checked and the only thing availaable was suites and they were upto 5100 for 2 weeks starting nove 28-dec 12…seems strange but I remember last year checking for someone and that was the same scenario and then availablity became available …who knows but does it have to be coronda springs …


It doesn’t have to be but we REALLY want to stay there. We enjoyed the “quiet” & really liked the queen beds, loved the room decor, etc. We did not have great luck when we stayed at CBR. (The carpets in our room we really dirty.) But I have heard something about CBR upgrading rooms but the CM could not confirm for me. Anyway, we will keep trying, but we may miss out on using our discount code if we decide to wait too long.


a heads up,POR and POFQ are undergoing a upgrade …new everything ,just thought you would like to know about that…rooms at POR I saw were about 160 a night,but I believe they are running some promos…


Thanks for the tip. I WOULD like to know! Actually POR was going to be an alternative possibility.