No seatbelt on Tower of Terror, No Problem


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I would have bought the photo too…


Scary, but funny at the same time. Hope he didn’t get hurt.


He’s an idiot. Probably buckled the belt underneath him and managed to hide the fact.


That’s so dangerous! What an idiot.


So, did the seatbelt fail or did he do something to it? If he did I hope he was escorted from the park!


Lol funny. Im guessing he probably did that on purpose and I hope he wasn’t hurt…but the pic definatly gave me a good giggle!


I am pretty sure he was playing around. Not smart. I want to know how small or any was the drop. Any of the girl’s hair is not flying upward like it would on a large drop. My DDs and I always notice that on our pictures.


Good point about the hair. There’s always the “photoshopped” possibility.


Now that you mentioned that about the hair, I had to go back and look again. I think its a fake picture.


I agree…the hair thing is weird. I hope it’s fake. Someone could really get hurt doing something like that.


Yeah, looks very photo-shopped to me…especially the girl with the blue shirt on.




I love the photo but I thought it was p-shopped too. I would imagine Disney had some sort of alarm that alerts them if a rider’s seat belt isn’t fastened? Surely its law suit time if the seat belt failed? And if that is the case- bet Disney weren’t laughing!


Looks to me like the guy climbed out of his seat and was hanging there to make his friends laugh. It doesn’t look like it was photoshopped to me. (If it was, it was a darn good job) And you guys are dead on about the fact that no one’s hair is flying up. I think something else was going on there.

And remember they didn’t even HAVE seatbelts on ToT before? It was just a lap bar. Your butt would come off the seat, but I can’t imagine you would fly up that high.

But you have to admit: it sure makes a funny picture! :laugh:


The size of drop shouldn’t matter at all because the pictures are taken at the top of the tower, as your car’s speed zeros out and begins to fall. They take the pictures at the moment you go weightless.


I wonder if this is the guy that is suing Disney on the safety of ToT…

(jk I know it isn’t.)


As long as no one got hurt its really funny


I just have to think, if this guy really did fly the way he did, he didn’t come back down in the same place or attitude as when he left the seat. He could easily have fallen on another guest in the rows in front of him. Could have even been thrown enough to get his arm between the wall and the car if he was thrown forward.
There would most likely have been a serious injury and Disney would have never allowed this picture to see the light of day, treating it the same as if a girl flashed her **** or some guy flipped the bird at the camera.


Its a photo taken of the photo preview window. It probably didn’t jump out at first viewing…


I’m going with photoshopped… the lady’s hair is still, and that guy beside him is sooooo acting. It’s really funny, though.