No Spectro parade - Aug 15th - 29th


I read this somewhere.
Can anyone confirm?


I hope not! I love Spectro! But atleast if it stops at the 29th, I will still have three or four days to catch it! :]



Yes Rowdy confirmed this. Here’s the thread:


I know how much we all love Spectro so it does kill me to go 2 weeks without it. But hey, there’s 2 DCT parades to make up for it! Grant it, it’ll be a really short version but we gotta get that bridge redone before the Halloween and Christmas parades.


Thanks for confirming.
We are bummed, but what can you do.


Such a bummer, I have YET to see the new spectro people! Do they do this parade during Christmas week?


Rowdy posted this a bit ago. There will be no spectro in this time frame due to reconstruction of one of the bridges in the MK.


Oh absolutely! 2 Christmas parades and 2 spectro parades EVERY day all Christmas week and all the way to New Years Day.


I was a little bummed at hearing this but we will be there until the 4th Sept so all is cool again! :laugh:
I am quite excited about seeing the ‘replacement’ parade though… I am looking at it that we get a bonus parade!
Is the bridge you are talking about the one that leads from Main Street to Liberty square?


Ignore me…I have just found Rowdy’s new thread and seen the answer. :blush:


I don’t know where my head is…I just now realized that this will effect me…lol I will have only one chance to squeeze this parade in on the 30th assuming they run it as scheduled and the bridge is fully done by then. I leave on the 31st…oh well. I have missed it the last 5 trips…what’s one more miss?:laugh: Sounds like an excuse to plan another trip to me.:laugh: :laugh:


bounce back here you come!


Just call me rubber…:laugh:


like you need an excuse lovely lady! lol!


Never need an excuse, but it does sound better when I have one…:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: I hear ya…and concur!:laugh: :laugh: