No stroller - what type of bag?


This will be our first trip without a stroller (or so I’m hoping - DD turns 6 while we are there). I am so used to throwing a bag or two under the stroller, I’m at a loss as to what type of bag to bring. I will want to bring a snack or two and maybe a change of clothes for DD. Plus camera, autograph book, sunscreen, etc. Help!! Also, we will have the resort mugs for the first time. While I know you can’t refill them in the parks, I thought we would take at least one full to get us through the am. Trip is 9/28.



We were still using a stroller when my son was 6, half for him and half for me so we could use it to carry stuff in. We didn’t take a full sized stroller, we took a cheap umbrella stroller with a place for a bag or two. At the end of our trip I would find a family who looked like they could use a stroller and handed it off to them.

I would leave the mugs at the resort, I don’t think it’s worth hauling them around all day for the tiny bit they hold.


Take a back pack… use it with both straps, and you will not notice it is there. I usually do not carry heavy bags for a living, and I had a black backpack- in June, and I did not notice it was there.


That’s what we do. We always take a backpack and trade off carrying it. I don’t even notice it.


I use the large hipster by Vera Bradley . . . lots of room!

We bring our mugs just to split the HUGE drinks you get on the DDP. I refill them and we drink out of them all day. They attach easy to a lanyard around your neck or get a keychain with the cababiner clips on them and then clip them to your bag. Of course you have to carry them when they are full.

I still bring the umbrella stroller and DD is 5.5 . . . she still needs it. Heck, DD9 would climb in if she could! :laugh::laugh: (but this stroller doesn’t have anywhere to hold a bag)


In past trips without DS I used an over the shoulder sling bag. For some reason the backpacks annoy me after a while as both shoulders get sore at the same time. This way I can switch sides as I feel necessary. Plus I feel more secure with my stuff up front on my thigh/hip instead of behind me when I can’t see whats goin’ on back there!

Have fun!



We still bring our full size stroller for DD(5) and, like others have posted, DD(8) will sometimes take a break and ride while her sister is on my Shoulders. It just seems easier to bring the thing. Yes it is a bit of a hassle at the airport AND on Disney busses, but man it is so convenient.

That is my two cents. If you opt not for the stroller, the backpack is your next best bet.

I hope you post what you decide, I would be interested.


We have a Lowepro camera backpack. It holds ALL of out camera gear on the bottom, then it has a roomy top with little organizers in it. My DH carried it the entire time and never once complained about it!!


Our upcoming trip will be our first without a stroller too. We’ll see how it goes! We drive down, so I’m trying to convince DH that we should at least stick it in the car just in case we get there and decide we still need it. He says DD10 and DS were both walking the whole time when they were 5, so our youngest can too.

As far as bags, I think if you want to keep all of your stuff in one bag, then go with a regular sized backpack. My kids each have a little tiny backpack of their own and we roll a change of clothes up and put it in a large ziplock bag in the bottom of each backpack. They also carry their autograph books and pens in there. That way DH and I are not having to always go digging around for 3 autograph books when we come to a character meet and greet. I carry the large Vera Bradley hipster, and it holds all of my necessities like my camera and small package of wet wipes, etc. DH hates carrying anything, and I love my accessories, so he just lets me have at it!:laugh:


We use a backpack. Since ds is now too big to fit in the rental strollers we are going to have to carry it around as opposed to throwing it on top of the stroller. I plan on bringing as little as possible in it to keep the weight down.

My sister recently bought a Vera Bradley backpack . She said it is really light weight and has 3 expanding compartments. I didnt get a chance to see it but I will check it out before we go to WDW in August. It was pricey but it may be worth it. She bought it to replace two good size diaper bags (she has a 1.2 yr old, a 3 yr old, and a 4 yr old).


Ok - now I’m rethinking the whole stroller thing. We are only in the parks 5 days so I thought she might be able to handle it. I thought if it was bad, I could always rent one towards the end. Would love to hear what others do - when did you give up the stroller? I certainly can’t carry her around the parks as it’s just the two of us! Thanks!


We took a stroller until my son was 7. He didn’t have to have it but we were all happier for it.


My DD7 hasnt used a stroller in WDW since she was 5 so I have been using a back pack. Often I leave the backpack in the room and just use a coach wristlet for park passes and cash.
This coming trip I will use my backpack because I plan on a change of clothes for when we get wet on river rapids so I wont have to spend $80 on 2 sets of clothing like we did in Dec


Like most others, we too have started using backpacks. My husband has one, lightweight, comfortable, many compartments etc. And I have a small one for any extra essentials.


My motto was “if his butt fits in it…he can ride in it”

Unfortunately, my DS’s butt doesnt fit anymore! lol


We still used an umbrella stroller for DD in Nov and she was 8!!! It really came in handy for evening EMH and the little pocket in the back held ponchos and drinks. In a few weeks we will be taking our first trip w/o the stroller (she’ll be 9 after all :blush:) and we’ve had to buy a new bag for DH to carry the stuff that we used to put in the stroller.

I use the vera bradley backpack every year and I love it. It is so light and had many different compartments. It doesn’t fit a ton of stuff - which is good - so it doesn’t way me down! For DH I bought on a sling backpack. Should be big enough to fit ponchos, small umbrella, water bottles and sunscreen.

Moral to the story…keep bringing the stroller until your kids just don’t fit in it anymore!!! :wub:


Our last trip we took the Samsonite Semester Sling backpack. It was comfortable for either me or my husband to carry and it does not seem huge, but it fits everything we need for us and two young girls (2 & 5 at the time). You can find them online and in some Samsonite outlets.


In the past (pre kids) I used a small backpack. Now fast forward over 9 yrs and I have 5 kids. Our trip last July we had 1 def in a stroller and 1 who would possibly be in a stroller. I used a Chicco Ct0.6. I LOVE that thing. It held our back pack, some odds and ends and the drinks. In March we are thinking about leaving the younger 2 at home and I’m thinking “What am I going to do with all of our gear???” My diaper bag is a Swiss Gear back pack, lots of compartments and semi waterproof. Sooo…I am thinking about still carrying that. I figure I’ll need a change of shirts for the 7 and 5 yr old. Plus wipes, camera, batteries, ponchos, etc. I love the padded shoulders and it feels awesome to carry. Even now loaded with a big pk of wipes, clothes, diapers, extra juice, baby food, etc you barely notice it. If i can’t find a different one before March (this one looks kinda rough) then I’m using it for sure.

As for the liking things where I can see them, I’m usually aware of what is going on with that bag. When I wear it, dh walks behind me and vice versa. Especially w/ a camera in it. Since you’re alone they have back packs with compartments that zip against your back, this way you can put cash, camera, etc in there.

Have fun!


I tend to agree with the others that a stroller is not a bad idea here…we took umbrella strollers when our kids didn’t use them at home anymore simply due to the long day walking. When it is time to move from point a to point b, they can relax and not dawdle!

If you really want to skip the stroller here, I have two words from the Dad point of view (not knowing who Vera Bradley is!): Cargo Pants. They hold a ton of stuff and you don’t have to take them off to ride like a backpack. Depending on how much you need to carry, they may not hold everything but would certainly make a backpack smaller and lighter.


I’m picturing dh with his pants loaded down and unable to walk…:laugh:

Find the right back pack and you might just be ok. Otherwise a cheapo Wal-Mart stroller for $12 might be the ticket.