No Tequila bar in Mexico yet


I was just at Disney over the weekend.

There had been reports that one of the shops inside the pavilion will be turned into some kind of tequila bar, but people were wondering if it has happened yet. I can confirm that it has not happened.


Wow that has been rumored for quite awhile.


Yeah, I was surprised that there is no signs of this coming any time soon. Maybe this is just a rumor.


hmmmm…i want my tequila!! well, since it looks like i won’t be there in 2008, i guess i can wait. thanks for the update - i had been wondering!


… um, so what are we supposed to drink at Epcot?


I can make a list for you… and include video of it as well… :laugh: :pirate:


Deal!!! :laugh: :ph34r: :laugh: