No Toddlers in Pools?


Well we are getting close to the big Day… (Cinderella Castle Countdown at
Got our travel documents for the Plane, Park and Disney Cruise a week ago.
Was disappointed to read in the Disney Cruise Documents that our 2 year old will not be allowed in any of the pools even with her waterproof swim diaper.

She is taking local swimming lessons and is allowed in those pools with the swim diaper.

The cruise ship did say they have a new fountain area for toddlers to play in who are not completely potty trained. (They list completely potty trainned as " Child never wears diapers - or pull up type daipers.")

Just wondering if this is true for all the Disney resorts too? - Or just on the cruise ship…

Luckily enough we are staying in a cabin at Fort Wilderness, so if the pools are off limits we still have the beach and 7 Seas Lagoon and of course Castaway Key on the cruise……

Just wondering if new heath codes are in place and kiddy pools are going to become a thing of the past…

Would make a BIG difference in the ticket package we get – Wouldn’t want to get tickets for Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon if my Daughter can’t Swim in the pools……

Maybe just a Cruise Ship Thing……… Who knows?


Hmm, that seems strange. They have a little kiddy pool right by the micky slide, not more than 6 inches deep. I have seen little kids in there, younger than 9 months splashing around. I know they also sell the swim diapers in the shop. My guess is that you will be fine once on board the ship.

At the resorts, I haven’t seen or heard of anything posted to keep kids out of the pools. In fact, most of the resorts have a kids area just for little kids.

Make sure you let us know when you get back.


I thought when I was looking into a cruise that the no swim diaper thing only applied to the big pools but that there was a kids pool they were allowed in.

As for the resorts my little one has used the swim diapers ever year and we never had any issues.


I remember seeing little one’s in the pools at BB and TL too.


I must admit, not having toddlers, I’ve never noticed this rule. We’ve been on the cruise twice, and I KNOW I saw both babies and toddlers splashing in the kiddie pool. There are so many little ones on the cruise, it doesn’t seem reasonable - but, after the scares the ships have had with infectious diseases, maybe this is a new rule. There are signs all over the ship reminding people to wash their hands, and wet wipes at the doors of all the dining rooms…


You can’t swim in the 7 seas lagoon…you can go to the beach and look at the water…but you can’t get in!


I think I just found the answer to my own question… posted at:

Can my toddler use the swimming pool?

Not unless your toddler is potty-trained. The United States Public Health Service (an agency affiliated with the Surgeon General’s office and the Department of Health and Human Services) requires that children may only be allowed in the pools if they’re potty-trained.

The pools onboard the Disney cruise ships are very small (this is true of the pools on any cruise ship). Although the pools are treated with chlorine, a single potty accident can cause oral/fecal cross-contamination to other passengers before the chlorine can do its job. Disney and a few other cruise lines had a well documented outbreak of Norwalk-type viruses last Fall. Although a specific contact point could not be identified, it is not unreasonable to take action against a potential cross-contamination site.

Enforcement of this regulation can be spotty. Some parents choose to ignore this regulation. Please don’t be one of these parents. After all, would you allow your child to swim in the pool if they posted a sign that reads: “Warning: fecal contamination may be present.”?


It’s too bad that the little ones have to miss out, but I guess I can understand why…


Thank you for posting this! I can’t believe people don’t understand how unsanitary this is and dangerous to not only their child but others in the pool.

Also if you are an adult suffering from a case of diarrhea you should stay out of the pool to for the same reasons.


I have never been on a Disney cruise but been on several RCCL(Royal Caribbean) and the no diapers or swimmers has always been the rule. The pools are filled and empted each night with the Sea water. We still saw a lot of parents allowing their kids in the pool just without a daper or swimmer and a lot of the children were not old enough to be potty trained. :sad:


Wow what a downer for people with small children! The rule makes sense, and I guess a litle disappointment is better than coming down with Ebola, but it would be hard to see the older children having fun and not being allowed yourself.


I am not sure about the crusies, but at the pools at the All-Star Resorts, kids are allowd in the big pools. There is a kiddie pool, too, with like a whale that squirts water. lol

Last year at ASMovies, and some nice little child went number two in the pool TWICE. :blow: So twice we had to go to another pool so the lifeguards could clean it out. If parents know that kids might do that, they should go to the kiddie pool! (Don’t worry I am not saying your kid will do that, it just kind of related to the post. lol.)


That’s gross. The poor lifeguards. I wonder if that was in their job description?
:eek: Too bad the parents weren’t thoughtful enough to put those pool diapers on the child. But this answers the question about why they’ve had to ban toddlers from the pool. It truly is a public health hazard.


Yea i want to be a lifeguard when I turn 16, but I reconsidered that dream after that happened! I have to say, after those incidents, I agree with all the health rules at pools. No one wants to be swimming and suddenly see a little brown thing floating by… :dry:


unless it is a Baby Ruth Bar…


[homer simpson] mmmmmmm floating Baby Ruth Bar [/homer simpson]


lol. I wouldn’t mind if it was a Mounds, but most of the time it won’t be. :noo:


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lol. Yes those are my absolute FAVORITE!


First, let me point out the reference being cited is unofficial. This is a guy’s personal website, and he doesn’t cite an reference to his information.

I run a public swim area (camp). So if there is any credibility to his statment, it only applies to cruises, or I would have received one of those nifty memos Dept. of Public Health bombards me with every year.

I’m also a Certified Pool Operator, and while I agree you don’t want feces in the pool, a swim “diaper” is more than adequate. The issue is containing the solid waste, which a swim diaper does. Few people realize that when a pool is maintained properly, it is cleaner for you to drink the water in a pool a kid just pee-ed in than to drink out of the tap at a drinking fountain. (Fewer people know how disgustingly unsanitary a hotel hot tub is, but I digress…)

Assuming this is cruise line policy, this is government nonsense run amok again! It reminds me of the memo the Dept. of Health issued to all Illinois camps last year about Bat Rabies. “Bats are dangerous. Bats carry rabies. Keep bats off your property.” (There has been less than 10 cases of humans contracting rabies from bats in the last 30 years, but some health official felt the need to spend a couple thousand dollars in tax money to send out official memos!)

Oh, and my swim diaper-clad kids were swimming at WDW in January. So don’t worry about the resorts. Like I said, this is either mis-information, or only applies to cruise ships.