Nobody Laugh!


Ok I’m feeling more commando than usual :pinch: Since Pete and I only have 4 nights/3 days, and a flight that lands late on Friday night, I’m trying to maximize our time. So I figured we could go ALL CARRY ON. How realistic do you think this is? I REALLY don’t want to mess around at the baggage claim when we could just open our overhead compartments and haul buns down to the shuttle. It’s only 4 days. I could have Pete sit on my bag while I zip it. They’ve got ironing boards in the Poly, right? :wacko:


You are going to have to wait for the bus and everyone else getting their bags…just something to think about. Hope it helps.



DW, DS12, DD8 and myself have done carry-ons for the last two years. Last year was 4 nights, this year was 5 and we did it no problem.

I’m not sure about our trip in Dec though. We’ll need to pack sweatshirts and long pants, so carry-ons may not be big enough. OTOH, I’m not against doing laundry while we’re down there. With 7 nights and an AP, we can come and go as we please, so we may just do it again.

I think you and Pete should be fine with carry-ons.

And, as far as ground transportation, I’m assuming that you guys will be hiring a town-car?


We did it for a three day weekend. Of course, I nearly didn’t make it!! If you’re not taking a computer with you, it’s a LOT easier (although the best part of my trip was sitting on the balcony coding web pages…). If you believe in rolling clothes to fit in a suitcase, rubber band them after you’ve rolled them so that they stay tightly rolled and therefore take up much less room. I rubberband everything together – whether folded or rolled – in my suitcase. Makes it much easier to cram more stuff in! :slight_smile: Remember you can take a rolling suitcase if it’s small enough AND a book bag as you’re allowed one “carry on” (suitcase) and one "personal item (purse, book bag, computer case, briefcase). (Another tip – I put your purse into a larger “personal item” bag so that you can pack two bags instead of one and your purse.)


Those are good tips Amneris, thanks! :mickey: Matt, we haven’t hired a towncar, we’re doing Mears Motor Shuttle and I’ll tell you why.

I have school Friday from 1-1:50. I’m not sure we can get to Newark by 4:30 in time for a 5:30 flight, so I booked a 7:30 flight to be safe. But if we CAN get to Newark in time for the 5:30, they’ll put us on for no extra cost as long as the flight isn’t totally booked. However, I can’t book a towncar and say, “maybe we’ll be there at 8, and maybe we’ll be there at 10:30.” It’s a conundrum :frown:


If I were ever to do a short trip like that I certainly could do just carry on. We do little short road trips for 3 or 4 days & I always pack very lightly for those. I think you’re perfectly safe…


Sure you can!!! You have a cell phone right??

Call Gregory at Quicksilver and tell him your deal. He should have enough cars running so that with a few hours notice, he’ll be able to pick you up. Simply call him from Newark.

Jenny, for a 3 day trip, DON’T waste precious hours waiting for the derned bus.


Hey Jenny, Spacebags makes the travel bags that you can roll out the air after you’ve packed your clothes in them. I’m not sure how they work but if they could help get an extra day of clothes in the carry on you may not have to do any laundery. If you each bring a carry-on and a backpack you should be fine. Enjoy the Poly and congrats on your anniversary.


Certainly one one here would laugh at squeezing the most out of your days! Go for it!! Have fun!!


No one laugh at this but on one trip (in the winter) I wore extra clothes on the trip down…a pair of jogging shorts, regular shorts, pants, tee-shirt, another tee-shirt, a polo shirt and a sweatshirt. I also carried a plastic grocery back that when we got to FLA I stripped down to the lowest level of clothes (jogging shorts and a tee-shirt) and folded everything else into the plastic back. Got checked in and hung everything up to air out a little. Gross but I got 2 extra days of clothes.

The space bags are great for dirty clothes. If you can get ahold of a vacuum use the vacuum bags.


Tigger that’s sooo funny… I am not laughing AT you…I am laughing with you. That was a very genius thing to do!


My DW said I looked ridiculous but I then reminded her of all the extra room in the suite case for her stuff.

(lucky for me I don’t sweat or stink – much)


Not laughing at all. You could easily fit four days worth of clothes in a carry-on. You and Pete are both allowed to have one…heck you could put it into a duffle bag if you needed to. Whatever you forget, buy there. You’re countdown is shrinking and I for one am VERy jealous…lol


I’m not laughing,Jenny!! I do carry-on all the time. You can do it!!!


In order to pack space-consiously, I packed each outfit (undies, socks, shirt, shorts) in a ziplock bag then pushed out all the air. It saved space and hassle in the morning when getting dressed. :tongue:


And it’s cold on the planes as well, so it shouldn’t have bothered you until you hit Orlando! :mickey:

I wanted to go all carryon last trip but DH wouldn’t have it. It was only for 5 nights, and we could easily have managed, as well as shoving in an empty duffel for the extras coming home. I say go for it…and Happy Anniversary!


But Dana, we all know YOU could not do the carry-on thing! :wink: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: But then again, neither could I. I do think you take the prize for what you pack and take to WDW.


Thanks for all your help, guys. I think I will do my best to go carry on. I think having a 250 lb husband sit on my suitcase as I’m zipping it up will help push all the extra air out too.


Thats funny, I do this too. And when we bring the kids I LABEL them as to which kid (we have 4 between us) and what day. That way there is no confusion.


I don’t know that I would label each outfit down to the day,but if you have 4 kids I guess it would make morning dressing easier!!