Noise problems at Pop Century


Did anyone who has stayed at Pop Century ever have any problems with noise from other rooms, traffic noise, or construction noise? The Unofficial Guide to WDW says that this may be a problem. However, I am aware of the fact that they often tend to be negative and excessively critical of Disney. Just thought I’d check! :wink:


We’ve only stay at Pop or one night but it was pretty loud compared to the resort we had stayed at during the first week of our trip. We checked in pretty late, after 11pm and we could hear tons of screaming from the pool and we could hear every toilet that flushed in the rooms near ours. We heard the toilets all night long but it wasn’t anything that would keep me awake.


I think we might be noisey people :blush:

But, I just wanna say - it wasn’t noisy. We weren’t overlooking the pool, though…but, it really wasn’t noisy at all…well, besides us. Our children generate their fair share of noise, but, like at night - we didn’t hear any noises. :mellow:

Also - I only compare it to CSR, but CSR was more noisy at night - only cuz there was some music convention, and there were some drunken festivities going on. :ninja: Not that they bothered me, cuz, they didn’t. They were happy drunks.


Anyway, the Pop didn’t seem loud to me in the room.

Oh, but the Food Court was wacky insane with noise.


If you book the “preferred” room, be prepared for noise.
A former co-worker told me she would have rather booked a std and got a room further away from the hustle and bustle for the peace and quiet.

Now myself, however, could care less! :angel: (i hope i dont eat my words later)
I dont care about noise and traffic (we must be noisy people too Erin!), just as long as nobody wakes me up in the middle of the nite (if that is humanly possible to be woken up out of my dead sleep, Ha!)
Anyways, I dont mind it…


We stayed in one of the 50’s buildings facing the lake during Easter week. It wasn’t noisy at all! The only noise complaint we could maybe make is that the flushing toilets and showers were loud through the ceilings or walls. But the outside noise wasn’t an issue at all.


We’re going to be at Pop the first week of Sept. and I also read UG about the noise. But we’re usually so tired after a day in the World that we could sleep through anything.

BTW, it is a pretty critical book, we’ve been using the UG every trip except our first (back when it was a lot thinner) and I’ve found it to be pretty much dead on with everything we’ve experienced there (sometimes to our detriment because we ignored its advice).


When we stayed there in March, I did not notice any excessive noise. As someone else mentioned, after being in the parks all day and evening, by the time we got back to our room I just wanted to watch a lil tv and zonk out. Maybe the room scloser to the pool and lobby/food court are noiser but the room more to the back are quiet