Noise problems at Pop Century


Did anyone who has stayed at Pop Century ever have any problems with noise from other rooms, traffic noise, or construction noise? The Unofficial Guide to WDW says that this may be a problem. However, I am aware of the fact that they often tend to be negative and excessively critical of Disney. Just thought I’d check! :wink:


I read the same thing kent. I haven’t ever heard anyone on here complain about it though, so I wonder if it’s just the unofficial being just a tad critical.


Sounds like utter nonsense to me.

I’ve stayed there twice and I’ve had no issues. I find the PC to be quieter than the All Stars b/c PC doesn’t allow large group reservations.

Also, my one experience at the Contemporary was horrible as we had a screaming toddler in the next room and a couple of kids jumping on the floor (our ceiling) above us… at 6:30am on the only morning we were planning on sleeping in.

So, anytime you’re on vacation where there are lots of screaming rugrats, you run the risk of noise. But, my experience is that PC is no noisier than any other resort with lots of kids.


that is my feeling on this too Dana. They do it all the time ( although It won;t ever stop me buying the blessed book year upon year! :laugh:)
I had friends who stayed there this year and they found it quite lovely and have re~booked for there again next year.


It always reminded me of living in an apartment building with thin walls. Everytime we stay at a value I always hear noise, banging, or voices from the rooms next door. It never bothered me honestly, and I will say that it was the WORST at Disneyland Hotel. I LOVED it there but man, we heard EVERYTHING going on next door.


We have stayed at Pop Century and it seems that the only noise we heard was the toilet flush. When everything was quiet you could hear the toilet in the next rooms- my family refers to it as the “Power Flush” - and this was not so loud that it woke any of us up. It had to be really quiet for us to hear it. We would definately stay here again!


You can always hear neighboring rooms showers too:laugh:


I sure hope not. Thats where we are staying on the next visit!


Has happened to me in a five star hotel… I not only heard my neighbor singing in the shower, but heard some noises in the middle of the night (keep it clean for the kids). I called the front desk and got my room changed…


Don’t worry Kate, like I said, it happened to us at the Disneyland Hotel too and the hallways in AKL create a very loud echo that can be heard in your room too. My rule of thumb… where there be children, there be noise. :tongue:


That’s what we heard, toilets flushing. It’s wasn’t so loud that it woke us up but we heard lots of flushing. We could also hear lots of screaming in the pool late at night (11 pm and later).


What rooms should I ask for that are a close walk to everything but still standard rooms?


Ask for a preferred room, they cost more but you are closer to everything.

Sorry, I didn’t read the part about still a standard room.


Having stayed at Pop twice we had a problem with noise both times. The first was from kids in the sprinkle area and the second we were in a quiet area but the room next door was loud.

I’d say it is hit or miss. But, really, what hotel can you really know if you will get noisy neighbors.

I still like Pop.


Im sorry- Ill try and keep it down next time… I was just a little excited!


LOL… wait till my kids get there… They will probally have the place fall down!


In all the times I have stayed at Pop,I have never heard anything from any other room,or outside either.


Is there an echo here in the Resorts Forum???