Nokey's 9 Days of Christmas Cheer in WDW!


Hi all! We arrived home on the 9th, but with teh hoildays and all, I have not been able to sit down and catch you up on our recent trip! So I sat down yesterday and wrote it all in a word document so I could just post it all today! I have never posted a picture in a TR before so hopefully it goes well! I hope you enjoy!

Cast of Characters:
Me ~ Shannon (33)
DH ~ Chris (33)
DD ~ Kailey (5)
DD ~ Ashley (4)
DS ~ Justin (8 Months)
DBIL ~ Bryan (29 and Chris’s Brother)
DSIL ~ Emily (28 and Bryan’s Wife)

Resort: Saratoga Springs

Time Frame: Saturday November 29th - Tuesday December 9th (Bryan and Emily left on the 5th)


YAY!!! another TR!!! cant wait!!


Bring it on. I can’t wait to read about it. It sounds like quite a group!


So the early morning began around 4:30 am. Chris and I began to get ourselves ready so all we would have to do was dress the kids and get on our way! We finished packing the car with all last minute essentials and woke the kids. We headed to our local Dunkin Donuts and drove to the airport.

We met Bryan and Emily there, checked in and boarded the plane. The flight was uneventful, thankfully! Upon arrival Chris and Bryan were to take Kailey and get our rental car. Emily and I were going to take Ashley and Justin, and board Magic express with our bags!

We arrived at Saratoga Springs before Chris and Bryan, checked in and waited for them to arrive! We were so impressed as to how smoothly the Magic Express thing went! Definitely would take this again!

We had a counter service lunch at Artist Palate and then headed over to Magic Kingdom! When we entered the park we walked right in to the end of the parade, it was so magical! When it was over, the family headed right over to the Tea Cups (the girls favorite ride) and then to the Indi Speedway! I decided to run on over to the Christmas Shop to buy my MouseBuzz ornament, and send it out like I promised upon arrival. I emailed Dana that I sent out and off I went to begin my vacation!

We began riding all of the rides we could get on rather quickly so that we could maximize our time before we had to leave for our 6:40 dinner ADR’s at Ohana’s!

We arrived at Ohana’s at 6:30 but waited in line to check in until about 7:15! I have no clue as to what was happening there but they seriously needed help! We did not get called for our reservation until 8:00! This was very frustrating, Justin was extremely cranky, not to mention the girls! Oh well, we sat and began our meal. That bread is soooo delicious! I could really go for some of that right now!

During dinner Ashley began saying that she had to go to the bathroom constantly (6 or so times) each time I took her but she barely went and kept saying her belly hurt! I called my pediatrician at home and he said he suspected and bladder infection but that I needed to have a culture done. He suggested that if this continued through the night I would have to visit the local walk in clinic! Ughhhh! What a way to begin our vacation. Luckily she ended up falling asleep on our way home and did not complain of the same issue ever again!

We arrived at Saratoga and we were pleasantly surprised! As most of you may remember I did not want to stay here, I felt it lacked the “Wow Factor” but we loved the resort. We were in the ‘Springs’ section as requested and it was great. Bryan and Emily were in the room next door and were equally impressed with the Studio! We unpacked and turned in for the night so we could get up and enjoy bright and early the next day!!!


Here we are walking right in to the parade at the Magic Kingdom!


Ashley and Auntie Emily on the Magic Carpets!


Mommy and Kailey on the Magic Carpets.


Daddy and Kailey take a spin on the Tea Cups


Uncle Bryan and Ashley at the Tea Party


So glad Ashley didn’t have to go to the clinic! It looks like you had a fun first day.


Day 2:

We woke early and headed straight over to HS. We wanted to try and ride Toy Story Mania, and the guys wanted to ride Tower of Terror, and Aerosmith! The skies were cloudy but the weather was calling for scattered am showers! We went directly over to Toy Story and they were already out of Fast Passes by 10 am and the stand by line was a 70 minute wait! There was no way we could even attempt it, oh well, we figured we would try again later! Headed over to catch some breakfast at ‘Starring Roles Café’. Chris ran to get fast passes for TOT and RNRR. After breakfast we ran over and watched the Beauty and the Beast show, which my girls love. Then the guys ran over and got right on TOT while we waited in the Aerosmith area and got the kids tattoos (Kailey got Princess Minnie, Ashley got Ariel surrounded in flowers and we couldn’t resist getting Justin the dwarf “Happy”, he is such a good baby, and rarely ever fusses, he practically wears a smile on a permanent basis! They all looked so adorable!!!

The guys came back from TOT and Chris and Bry were going to ride RNRR first then we would use the baby swap for Chris and I (Em doesn’t ride roller coasters) I, but the ride was down. They said that we could come back and use the fast passes again all day! Oh well, but just then the sky began to open up and it began pouring. We ran into the Planet Hollywood store and sought shelter. We remained there for 45 minutes or so and then the rain broke (for all of two minutes) and we ran to a new shelter for a change of scenery! It seemed all of the park guests were doing the same exact thing! At the next slow down of rain we ran to a new shelter and decided to dial up the weather channel on our blackberry and the days weather had changed to rain all day. At that time we decided to exit the park and head back to the hotel. We cancelled our late lunch reservations for Mama’s. Bryan and Emily were going to head to ESPN to catch a football game and we had to head to Wal-Mart to get stuff we would need for our remaining 9 days.

We bean to try to exit the park and Chris got the bright idea to go and get the car and come and pick us up so we wouldn’t have to break down the stroller to get on the tram, pop it out again and run to the car, etc… Well, a word to the wise, can’t do it! He could not get that close, parking attendants made him exit the park and by the time he was back in the parking lot there was not a dry piece of clothing on any of us, we were down a man and still had to break the stroller down, board the tram, and run to the car. If it weren’t so funny we would have cried! Ashley, my Diva, sobbed from the moment I made her exit the rain guarded stroller until we got her into a nice warm bath back into the hotel room!

Anyways we got into dry clothes and threw in a wash (thank God for the washer/dryers in the rooms) and headed to Downtown Disney to catch a quick dinner at Earl of Sandwich! It was as good as ever. We ran to Wal-Mart, and the Liquor store and picked up Bryan and Emily and back to the hotel. We put the kids to bed and then hung out and enjoyed some wine and cheese and some good company and planned our upcoming day!!!


I didn’t take any pictures this day, but Emily did, I have to see if I can get them off of her snapfish account and onto my computer. Anyone have any clue?


Lovin your TR. Sorry about the rain, hope you had good weather the rest of your trip. A trip to Wal-Mart and the liquor store, I love it! :laugh:


See if you can right click on the picture and then select “save picture as…”. After that select where you would like to save the picture.


Wouldn’t work for me, thanks anyways! I will see if Emily can email them to me directly! I will have to edit and post them after. Oh well, more to write…


Hey thanks! Weather was ok, no more rain storms. It was really cold one night but otherwise we just wore jeans and t shirts and even sweatshirts most days!


Day 3:

We (the adults) were excited about going to Epcot this morning! We all love this park and look forward to it the most! We did Mission Space and Test Track headed over to get fast passes for Soarin’ (which were not until 5pm), headed over to Club Cool and decided to catch a quick bite at Cantina de San Angel. I was SOOOO disappointed! They no longer carried the Taco salad with the ground beef! It is one of my favorites! Oh well! Justin enjoyed the black beans in my salad, can you tell?!?!?!?!

We toured the countries and grabbed a drink here and there, but at 5:15 we had reservations for Teppen Edo and our Candelite Dinner package with an 8:15 seating! We waited so long to be called for our reservations (again!) but when we finally were seated it was such a good meal!

They were so accommodating. I asked if they could microwave food for me to give to Justin, and they were more than happy to help out! Ohana’s said they could not help! I understood, but I will say feeding him was a lot harder than I expected! Sidenote…I found that Disney is very poorly prepared for babies! To some this may sound strange, but I found it ridiculous that each park only had one Baby Care station and usually it was in the beginning of the park. Not very helpful when is is needed and you are at the complete opposite side of where you need to be! For instance, our mistake was giving Justin those black beans at lunch. He went through 9 diapers by 5:30 pm that day, and when I went to change him into his jammies at Teppan Edo I realized we had used our last diaper, I had to run all the way back to the Baby Care Center in Future world and buy a package of diapers. We had to send Bryan and Emily to ride Soarin’ and we missed out on our fast passes. Then we had to literally RUNNNNNN back to the American Pavilion to make it for our Candlelight Processional Seating, we barely made it by the skin of our teeth. I will say this: it was spectacular!!! So worth the run!!! Doogie Howser was our narrator!!!

We stayed for Illuminations and oh my goodness, what a finale!!! The night’s events kept topping one another! We headed home and crashed! But it doesn’t end there…


Some pictures of day 3! Emily has a great one of Justin with the black beans, I will try to get it!!!


More from Epcot day 3!


Day 4:

Around 3 am, Kailey woke crying and said her ears hurt. She was in so much pain she could not even sleep. I did everything I could to try and ease the pain, and when morning finally broke I called my insurance company and inquired about the closest participating walk in! We headed there and luckily we got there first thing! We were seen very quickly and I had Ashley seen as well, just incase, she was fine, but Kailey had an ear infection that was most likely amplified due to the plane ride. We were given a prescription and headed on our way.

Chris is a pharmacist with CVS and could not believe he was going to be headed into a CVS while on vacation but you gotta do what’cha gotta do!!! When he walked into CVS to fill the script, Kailey got sick all over the car!!! Oh no!!! He came back in the car and we cleaned her up and gave her the meds but she couldn’t keep them down. We headed back to the hotel and we knew we were staying put all day!

This was the day we were to go to the Very Merry Christmas Party. Right before we had reservations to have the girls given the royal treatment at Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique (minus the costumes, I picked up new ones right after Halloween here at home). Anyways I picked up the phone and began calling to see what we could reschedule. Recreation changed the Bibbidy Bobbidy reservations without charging us due to the fact that she was sick, and they even allowed us to cancel our grand pirate adventure for early the next morning without penalty. We were unable to get another reservation so we will have to put that on our list of to do’s for next trip! We were not able to cancel our tickets for the Christmas party and go on another night so we decided to rest all day and see how we would make it that night.

We had reservation at the Turf club Bar and Grill that night, and we decided to go, Kailey had not been sick for about 2 hours so we attempted it! She did not want to eat, but we were able to get a Ginger ale down her. We ate and decided to head to the party. We made her sit in the stroller, I bought this wonderful blanket (it was so extremely cold) and we put the rain guard on and Kailey slept the night away. We were so disappointed since she would have been in her glory, but we did not want to waste the money we did spend or have Bryan and Emily waste theirs. The party was fun, and the castle was beautiful, actually breathtaking but we decided to call it an early night and we left after Wishes!!! Main Street was beautiful; I could not stop taking pictures. I loved the lanterns all decorated and splendid! I wished we could have enjoyed the night more! Oh well, home we headed and we prayed we would be all better for the next day?!?!?!?!