Non-alcoholic drinks


My family and I love the mixed non-alcoholic drinks. Where would be a great place to have some fun and chilled drinks w/o the alcohol?


Hmmmm not sure about non-alcholic drinks. Do they make a non-alcoholic Lapu Lapu? Dont think there would be much to it without the alcohol though. Just pineapple juice really.


Any of the restaurants will serve ‘virgin’ drinks. Sharon does not drink at all, her favorite place is San Angel Inn in Mexico, and having a virgin strawberry margarita. She also loves them at Ohanas.


Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at the Studios has some great mixed non-alcoholic drinks…and they serve them in a fun way, with glowing straws or ice cubes, etc! :happy:


Well we just got back… and I had an awesome Lava smoothie. It was non-alcoholic. It had strawberry puree & pina colada mix… very yummy. That was at our pool bar (WL).


Oh I almost forgot…Kona Cafe at the Polynesian has some of the best non-alcoholic smoothies I have ever tasted! They are delicious - we’ve actually gone there just to get smoothies! :laugh: