Non Disney dvc use question


Hi! I am wondering where folks have been through dvc that is non-Disney… and what you thought of where you went? Any suggestions? Thanks!


Becky, are you asking about people who have stayed at a DVC resort even though they are not members? If so, I can answer – we stayed at BWV in a 1-bedroom villa as non-members. We had normal BWV room keys and charging privileges and were treated wonderfully. We used valet parking and all the resort amenities. I don’t think anyone even knew whether we were members or not, they just knew we were hotel guests.


I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you talking about using your points outside Disney at non-Disney resorts like going to Colorado or something?


Um, I think she meant where DVC members have stayed that is not a disney resort i.e. through interval international/the world passport collection. I would be interested in hearing these stories too!

DH and I are planning a trip to Hilton Head next August on the bonus points we received for signing into AKV. I know it’s still a disney resort, but it’s not a park resort. I’m really looking forward to it!


I think that is what she meant…I would love to hear too!


We’ve stayed at Keystone Resort in Colorado during the summer two times. It’s a really GOOD DEAL USING POINTS!

We’ve also stayed in South Carolina at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort which is an awesome resort!

I highly recommend both!!!


I was going to use my membership to stay on the island of Ibeza in Spain the day after Christmas, I found the availability & everything but at this semi-last minute time the flights I found were too expensive. I wanna go visit my friend SO bad & have a mini vacation in Barcelona & Ibeza but the added expenses are just too much for me right now. :sad: We DO plan on doing an international trip with our points eventually though.


Thank you for posting this question as I had possed it a few months ago but it must have been removed. We are awaiting for a trip to come through for Key West. That is the actualy Florida Keys not OKW. We put in a request almost two years ago with Interval International. We still haven’t heard anything and we are planning to go in April. I am really unsure what to do. When I talk to Interval they tell me that the book up top a week before but I would like to have my flight secured by then and it concerns me that it could take that long. If I wait until the last minute I may be going nowhere.

So I am tjionking of cancelling if I don’t hear soon. I though that by puting a request in two years ago it would be fine. That is what I was told by friends who are part of another time share. We’ll see.


Just as a follow up I asked the CR rep at II to look into anything available ANYWHERE the week we want to go in April. Out of 500 resorts there was one in Aruba. Making me very nervous!


It wasn’t removed, it’s right here.


yes, that is what I meant (trips to places that are not at Disney). My dd would love to go to Hawaii…although I heard Disney may open a resort there? Just looking for different traveling ideas. Thanks!!


BeckyBeener the key word in your last post is WILL and not MAY build a resort in Hawaii, already been announced and I also am really looking forward to it.:happy:


I wonder why this is? It makes it seem like you can’t really use the points for an exchange. :confused: And why would it take 2 years to know if a person can get in Key West? That seems insane. :blink: