Non-Disney hotels - credit card question?


Okay, I’m so used to booking at WDW resorts that I can’t seem to remember something very elementary: when you book a reservation at any (non-Disney) hotel that doesn’t require a deposit, do they charge your credit card upon booking, or when you arrive to check in?


Oh oops, I didn’t mean to put this in the mouse trap…:blink:


For us, it’s either charged at check-in or check-out. Never at the time of booking.


Thank you, that’s what I thought! I just wanted to double check. :happy:


Just be aware that sometimes if you book through expedia, or travelocity or one of those, they will take full payment at time of booking. I’ve never heard of it when booking direct though.


Usually it’s just a hold and then they charge you when you check out. They usually tell you when you book it though…especially online. I do know and places like that take the whole payment when you book.


Ohhh that’s right, maybe that’s why I was feeling confused! We’ve booked through expedia, travelocity, etc several times so of course we paid up front then. It’s been a while since we booked directly through a hotel, so I just wanted to make sure I still had some time to come up with all of the money.


It also depends on the hotel. For our trip this fall we’re staying at 2 hotels on-site, 1 Disney owned and 1 not. The Poly took our card to “hold” the ressie but S.O.G required 1st nights fee in advance. Best thing would be to check with the hotel you want to stay at.


Good idea, thanks! Better safe than sorry!