Non Disney Resorts?


I know this is painful, but is there a list somewhere of non-Disney resorts where DVC can be used? My parents are almost ready to purchase, but we can’t seem to find such a list anywhere and this factor is important to them. Also, are there downfalls to useing points in non-Disney locations?


I can’t seem to find a list. I am not DVC, but did a internet search for you. I am sorry. Try calling the DVC hotline number if someone on here isn’t able to help.:heart:


Is this what you are looking for? I don’t do the DVC either but found this…

Disney Vacation Club Destinations | Disney Vacation Club


[QUOTE=smallworld;1112058]Is this what you are looking for? I don’t do the DVC either but found this…

Disney Vacation Club Destinations | Disney Vacation Club[/QUOTE]

Oh…wait…maybe that only lists Disney locations? I didn’t read thru it all…


You exchange through RCI. You can call 24 months in advance for weekly rentals and 10 months in advance for nightly rentalsand Signature Selections. Some of the places you can stay are (these resorts are per week):

Signature Selections Exchanges through RCI
Mexico (Acapulco, San Jose del Cabo, Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Cabo San Luca), North Carolina (Shaphire),Canada (POrt Carling Ontario, Kelowna British Columbia) California (Truckee), Vermont (Stowe)

Premium Resorts: Sante Fe New Mexico, Bend Oregan, Teton Village, Wyoming, Lake Placid NY

They also have different Clubs and a Concierge Level. Is ther a specific place you are looking for? If you PM me with a fax number, I’ll fax you over what it says in the DVC 2012 Planning Book. BTW I’ve never used this exchange so I only know what Disney has in the planning book.


We’ve used our DVC points at Keystone Colorado (both summer and winter experiences, both are great), my inlaws have used their points in New Hampshire or Vermont and also in Canada (above Montana area I believe~can’t remember the name of where they stayed but they loved it!) and now they are looking at the eastern part of Canada and also Seattle and Portland…so I know there’s property there. We can exchange our points at over 400 locations worldwide. Hilton Head, Vero Beach and Aulani are all DVC properties but offsite of Disney Property. We loved Hilton Head and headed to Aulani very soon. Haven’t made it to Vero Beach yet…it’s too close to WDW and we can’t pass up WDW! :slight_smile:


Not sure where my booklet is, but DVC provides you with lists of where you can stay, and the list seems endless. So many places in the United States, and then international. I’m sure you can contact Disney and they can have the booklet sent to you. I really don’t think they will be disappointed. Couldn’t believe the amount of choices, and the point structure seemed very reasonable to me.


Not sure if they were told, but when you do an exchange with another timeshare, there’s a $95 handling fee. Just wanted to let you know so they’re not surprised by it. The $95 is WELL worth it in my book! The accommodations are always above expectations!


Thanks for the information everyone. There is no one set destination they want to go, but they like the idea of traveling to other places. There plan is to take the grandkids to wdw every other year and vacation alone, in another location, on the off years. Just trying to figure out if dvc is the best way to do this.