Non used Resort Arcade Cards


Believe it or not, I am finally scrapbooking our 5/09 trip and came across 3 30 minute arcade cards from the resort. There is no expiration date anywhere on the card. Do you think they are still good??


Can’t hurt to try them when you go.


We always pick kids out of a crowd and give them our cards. Love seeing their eyes light up as soon as their parents say it’s ok to take it from me :happy:


That is a good idea Dopey. We never use ours and usually just forget about it but now I will start passing them on to someone else.


We’ve used arcade cards from past trips with no issues. We’ve also used arcade prize points from past trips and the CMs have all said this is perfectly fine. Last summer a very nice CM took all our past slips and put the points on an arcade card so we could bring them back next time.


I like the idea of handing them out. If I have a coupon of some sort that I haven’t used, I always hand it to someone:)

I will put them in the Disney box for this trip. We’ll see if they work or not.


someone handed my daughter one of those balloons with a mickey balloon on the inside. . .she was thrilled!!! I was thrilled because they cost alot and what do you do with a balloon?!

Anyone, this person was leaving for the disney cruise and didn’t know what to do with it.

It made my DD’s day!! :flowers:


I still have an arcade card from the Food and Fun Center that I reload from time to time.

As for game coupons, whatever I’ve built up (I’m a sucker for Skee Ball) I look around for a family to give them to, I’m never going to use them.