Nonsmoking rooms at Pop Century


Does anyone know how about the nonsmoking rooms at Pop?
Do they have nonsmoking buildings or floors or what?

I don’t want to have to walk past people smoking on the outdoor corridors or smell it coming under my door. DD and I both have asthma and I am very sensitive to it!


There are non-smoking buildings I believe. I know we stayed there last year and for the same reason…we have to have a non-smoking room (ds has asthma). Although I have to say…when we first went into the room it did smell of cigarettes. We went out for awhile and when we came back it had cleared out. If it hadnt I would have requested a room change immediately though.

Ask about non-smoking when you make the reservation.


I don’t think there’s anything you can do about people smoking outside, but I could certainly be wrong. :huh:


we stayed there in June and had a non smoking room. we did not have any problems. on the way to th bus w did pass one of the other buildings and there was a couple rooms with there doors open and you could smell the smoke. i had requested non smoking and had no problems. by the way it is a really nice hotel we are going back in september for our anniversary and it is just the two of us as our kids are not going .


Andrea, I’m sure I cannot do anything about them smoking outside but I’m thinking that if they have nonsmoking buildings instead of rooms or floors, I’ll stand a better chance of staying smoke free. I’m looking at my Pop Century map in my 2005 Passporter and it has little icons for smoking rooms avail. listed on building A in 50’s, both A & B in 60’s none in 70’s or 80’s and on A in 90’s. I’m beginning to think it might be smoking floors instead of buildings. I might need to request 70’s buildings. Has anyone stayed in 70’s buildings that could verify if smoking was allowed in their buildings?

I know I sound picky. But, when I’m out in public and I see someone smoking up ahead, I make a special effort to avoid walking near that person. I cannot be around smoke! I’m worried that I’ll be walking down one of the narrow corridors with someone smoking in front of their room and have to walk through the smoke or even worse, they will smoke near my room and I’ll smell it coming in the room. I’ve had that happen and it was awful!