Normal weather in June


Hello all!
We leave in 12 days :eek:, so I looked up the 10 day weather forecast, and it said thunder storms for days. Is this normal? Is it really gonna thunderstorm/rain everyday and if so is it all day long?
Clearly I’ve never gone in June and I’m really starting to get bummed out :crying:.


Typically, afternoon showers that are passing. I welcome those, it seems to cool things off a bit.


Oh well that’s not bad, I guess :happy:.


Tinker2222, we ran into the same thing when we went in June in 2007. Everyday said thunderstorms when we checked a few day before leaving. The actual weather we had when we were there was sunshine and heat, with a passing shower every day. It usually lasted less than 20 minutes if I am remembering right. I wouldn’t worry a bit!


Thanks Jen, I hope we both get great weather :happy:


Just chiming in to ditto what everyone else said!! Some afternoons, if you are in an attraction, you may not even know it happened except for the wet walkways!!!

Have a great trip!


Just like everyone else said, usually the sky just opens up and pours for about 20 minutes but then it’s done and the sun is shining brightly again! I believe the one time I went in June it rained for the usual 20 minute period for all days but there was only one when it rained all day. Best of luck! :happy: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for excellent sun-shiny weather!


I remember it being like that last we went too. It might be a nice break from the heat!


Either bring ponchos (99 cents at walmart) or pickup mickey ponchos. Bring a small umbrella and a some sort of wet pack (large ziplock back will do).

When the rain starts people flee…don your gear and press on!


We are leaving on the 11th, and this is our week every year. It is typically hot during the day, nice when we have an afternoon rain shower, and enjoyable at night. Good luck! We will be at Wilderness Lodge when you are there. Have a fantastic trip!


Ditto to tigger! Ponchos will save the day while everyone else is running for cover you will be running to the rides. Enjoy!


We were there last year for 2 weeks at the same time you mentioned. Everyday forecasted storms. Like most have said, it was a quick 20-30 minute storm, and it cleared the parks out!! We did have one evening of torrential downpour, so be prepared with a change of shoes at your hotel!! When we came out of Epcot to the bus stops, the water was up to our ankles!! The kids thought it was great!!:laugh: