Nostalgic Movie Moment


Let’s take a lil trip down memory lane. Can you remember the first Disney movie you watched on the big screen?

Mine was The Little Mermaid. I cried my eyes out when King Triton said, How much I’m going to miss her.


Mine was Sleeping Beauty and then Babes in Toyland. I am old…:crying:


Bambi – obviously WAY after release, but still in the theater. I remember crying hard, too!


Bambi in 1975. I was 4 and the fire scared me to death!


…gosh…I really am an old one here…lol


I remember going to the theater for the first time to watch Pocahontas with my mother. My mother was very into the movie, but I got bored about halfway through and started playing with the seats. :blush:

I also remember going to see Mulan. This was a good bit later, but it was a big deal because at the time, we didn’t have a theater in our town, so we had to drive a good distance to see it. It was also before theaters the theater had auditorium-style seating, so I remember having a very obstructed view of the screen.


I remember seeing Snow White (as a re-release) but I really remember Cinderella (also a re-release)… I loved it.


My first was a re-release double feature of Snow white, mom’s all time favorite, and Bambi.


I’ve never seen a Disney movie on the big screen. I’ve either always been working and my wife took my daughters or I saw it when we bought them.


The Aristocats was the very first movie I ever saw. :happy:


You know, my people, our kids are so SO lucky that they are form a generation that got to have a VCR or a DVD player in the house with a stack of classic Disney movies! I mean, seeing htem in the theater is stunning and fabulous, but seeing them anytime you have the whim is also very very nice!


Song of the South was my first Disney movie that I remember seeing. Our whole family went and my mom had my little sister later that night. Wonder if that’s why she loves Disney so much?!?!


Mine was Apple Dumpling Gang. Does that count, it is Disney :happy:

1st Animated was the Rescurer’s


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1128767]Mine was Apple Dumpling Gang. Does that count, it is Disney :happy:

1st Animated was the Rescurer’s[/QUOTE]

…One of my first dates with my DH was to see the Apple Dumpling Gang…wild date huh? :laugh::laugh:


Does it count? It’s still one of my favorite Disney movies! I didn’t get to see it until it was on Wonderful World of Disney though.


Mine was Pinocchio, in a drive-in theater, on a re-release, circa 1970/71(I think). Still my all-time favorite.