Not again: All Star Movies or Pop Century?


Choose my Destiny.

We’ve added a day and are flying out to Disney in the afternoon on 6/9 vs. our original 6/10. We are looking to do a Value Resort and then have everything moved to our original resort of POR for the week.

What are the opinions on where to stay and why? This is a chance for me to see the Values which I’ve tended to avoid before.


Can’t help you out, as I have tended to avoid the aforementioned resorts myself. But want to wish you good luck with making your decision!


You know I’m going to say go for Pop, because then we can all hang out and talk about how happy we are to be at WDW a day earlier than we thought we would be! Of course if you start getting on my nerves on the flight down…just kidding, Matt! :wub:


I do like airport Bloody Mary’s which make it possible . . . YOu’ll get my company on the plane, on the Magical Express, and at POR.

The wife is leaning ASM and I could care less because I’m scared of the Values.


Is asp8tis your DW!?!?!?! How did I miss this fact?!

OMG! That is so awesome! I love DC couples! :wub:


My vote is for Pop! though :c)


Um no . . . She’s a DC’er who happens to be traveling the same dates to WDW as me and my family and staying at the same resort - kinda - PORFQ vs PORR. We hooked up sorting through the airfare nastiness and now are flying together. We’re saving each other money. We’ll be seeing alot of each other so we may as well play nice.


So, you’re more like DC Twinsies, and not DC lovies.
Got it.




I would say go for Pop just because it’s newer.


I would say movies, based on your kids ages, I think they’d like it more.


I agree with Kalriebu. Go with movies for your first night. The kids LOVE that one.




I would stay at ASM, My kids love it there! :wub:


If you are scared of the values, then go ASM. We did this last time because DS and DD are big Toy Story fans. Pop to me felt more like a teenager or very young adult Resort. …Runs and hides as all the POP fans throw things at Cincy.


OMG, that is too funny! Sorry about the confusion! We just realized we lived near each other and were booked for the same dates trying to find decent airfare to get down there. About 25 PM’s later, we’ve got our flights booked & ended up on the same one. I am looking forward to meeting you, though, Laneysdad!


I have only stayed at POP and I loved it. But, for just one night I would choose ASM for your kids. POP has an advantage of its own bus route and the ASM shares but for one night who cares.


DON"T DO POP I was there last weekend and the bathroom was really dirty, would you like me to go on? This is the second time we had a problem with POP once in OCtober 05 and then Jan 06. NOT GOOD!


I love Pop!! I have never had trouble with my room any of the numerous times I’ve stayed there,and I love the buses from there. They don’t share a bus with any other resort,and that is great. I’m wondering,though,why are you scared staying at a value resort?


If I had to pick between the two I would pick ASM because of the theme–it’s so Disney-ish. I have on’y spent one night at Pop and it was fine but I’m in no hurry to go back. It was so big and noisy, even at midnight we could hear kids running past our room and screaming in the pool.


MOVIES! :mickey:


I’m gonna have to go movies for my daughter on this one . . . . now to maintain the trend we need to get Asp8tis to follow suit!