Not fair!


My brother will be in disneyland with school band this weekend and i don’t get to go!!! So if anyone is there this weekend and sees them in the parade just think of poor little me thinking of him!!! Ahhhhhhh he is so mean!!


Ahh shucks, thats to bad! Im sorry to hear that, will you be getting to go anytime soon?


Aww, poor Pixie! Hopefully you will get your chance to go soon too!


As a father I could never endorse this, but wouldn’t it be awful for your brother to come home and find all his underwear frozen in a block of ice in the freezer? :angel:


You know… If your brother plays the tuba and you are small enough, I bet you could fit in the case! :wink: :tongue:

Sorry to hear about this for you Pixie! But I am glad for your bro! :happy: But you will get your chance, right??? :huh:


yeah i’m happy for him!!! If i get into the choir that is going i will get to go to WDW maybe!!! so thats good AND i might get to go in june with my aunt and cousins!!!


Well…Here’s hopin’ then! Sorry that you don’t get to go this weekend…but sounds like your time will come!


oh yeah and just to warn all of you that may be there this upcoming week the band from my school that is going has about 300-350 kids!!! i don’t know if the other schools around here are going or not but just to let you all know!!