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Well, I called WDW today and was told that there are no rooms available at WL for the weekend of 9/19-9/21 unless I want to go to concierge level. I can get a FL resident rate at Saratoga Springs (a studio room) for $384.00 altogether for both nights, but I’ve never stayed there and don’t know much about it. Can you believe a standard view room at AKL is $506 for both nights??? I think I’ve been away so long I’m totally in the dark about the rate increases at WDW. I don’t know what to do. I want to stay in a deluxe resort, but don’t want to go over $500.00 for the weekend. Any suggestions?


First off, yes Jenny, you have been away too long!:happy: We missed you. Especially Cavey.

Saratoga Springs is a beautiful resort. So don’t worry about that. Have you thought of renting some points from a DVC member? The studios at Boardwalk and Beach Club are gorgeous.


AKL and WL room rates are pretty much the same. A standard view room at AKL and a at WL during value season, which September is would be $225 a night, plus about 12% sales and bed tax.
AKL club level is $335, WL is $385 for standard club level rooms, plus 12% tax.
I’d keep trying to see what kind of Fl resident rates you can get for your first choice hotel. Rooms that aren’t available today often become available next week or the week after. I know this from personal experience.


EJ, is it possible that a TA has some rooms set aside at a better rate? Maybe se eif Mouseketrips has some magic up their sleeves?

EJ, I think there are at least two new threads by members with some points to rent. Enough for a short trip, I think. :happy:


You are looking at a trip during free dining and the resorts are more booked than they used to be during September.

That’s a really great price for SSR. It’s a deluxe resort and doesn’t share buses so the transportation is usually good. It’s not BW or WL but it’s new and nice.


Jenny, we’ve stayed at SSR 6 times now, and we love the resort. It might not have the “flash” of the Boardwalk or WL but it’s beautiful, quiet, within walking distance of the Marketplace and has one of the best new restaurants at WDW, The Turf Club. That’s a great rate. The resort is sparkling new and the studios are very comfortable. And as DT said, the bus service is probably the best of all WDW.


What’s free dining?


Just that, if you booked your stay by a certain date (not sure when) you could add the dining plan for free. This is maybe the 3rd or 4th year of it and it’s become very popular. It begins in late August and runs through most of September. The restaurants are fairly book because of this. I’m sure there are some ADRs to be had but a lot of the restaurants are going to be booked or almost booked.


I would go with SSR. You will have a car with you, so being in a far away building won’t effect you.


You didn’t say how many of you are going, but, if it’s 2 adults and 2 small children, the studio will be fine.


We are going 9/19 to 9/27 and DH wanted me to check to see if I could upgrade to a deluxe from a moderate and I was told there were no availabilites (we have free dining and the block was full).


How about a DVC studio at $165 a night. It’s a member’s friends deal. No tour required.

If that doesn’t work, I can try to see what I can book for you on points. Looks like 32 (AKV value) to 54 points (AKV Conc most likely NOT available) with most around 40 points. I rent at $11 per point, payment by credit card (I have merchant account) and you can cancel up to 7 days prior to arrival date. So the total price for a $40 point rental would be $440 - you don’t get charged the 12%!


NokeyNose just posted that she has 50 points to practically give away. Send her/him a PM


You HAVE been gone too long. Welcome home.


I think the SSR is nicer than the resorts. It is really classy!


$5 per point…expiring end of Sept. Perfect for you. Jump on these!


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[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;860600]$5 per point…expiring end of Sept. Perfect for you. Jump on these![/QUOTE]

Hopefully those are still available. Thanks for the tip!

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Make sure if you go that weekend that you set some time aside for the big meet n greet at Epcot on the 19th!


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