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I didn’t make it. I thought someone might be interested…

Straight from Smith. My comments are pink.

2008 Pendleton High School Band Florida Trip Itenerary

Wednesday, February 6th
7:45pm - Band students report to band room
9:00pm - Charter buses arrive at Pendleton High to load equipment and luggage
10:00pm or ASAP - Depart for Florida

Thursday, February 7th
6:30am - Stop for breakfast in Orlando/fast food/McDonalds etc…
7:30am - Depart for Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort to unload luggage… all luggage will be placed in several rooms
8:00am - Unload luggage at All Star Movies Resort (This is where we will be staying) Oh, really?
8:30am - Depart for Animal Kingdom on Charter Buses
9:00am - Arrive at AK on (Charter buses depart and meet us Friday at 12:30 at the backstage gate to MK)
3:30pm - Band meets to go to Epcot on Disney Buses
9:00pm - All students meet chaperones at Mexican Cantina to watch fireworks at Epcot. Depart for Motel coughresortcough on Disney Buses, Give out room keys. *Lights out will be determined when we return to the motel It’s a resort!!!

Friday, February 8th
7:30am-8:15am - Breakfast at your own at Motel IT’S A RESORT!!!
8:15am - Take Disney Buses to Magic Kingdom, Meet chaperones in front of Motel If you say motel one more time, I will cry
12:30pm - Charter Buses go backstage at Magic Kingdom to bring band equipment
12:30pm - Chaperones unloading band equipment go backstage
1:00pm - All band students meet Mr. Smigh at the Frontierland at the McDonald’s French Fry Cart to go backstage to dress/warm-up for parade
2:30pm - Band steps off for parade in MK
3:15pm - Band changes out of uniform, and returns into park through POTC door
3:30pm - Charter buses depart
9:00pm - All students will meet chaperones at Castle to watch fireworks show. After fireworks show students will return to motel Here comes the water works with chaperones (Disney may be open until 11:00pm, I will let students and chaperones know what time to meet after the parade)
*Lights out determined when we return to the motel Sobs

Saturday, February 9th
7:30am-8:15am - Breakfast at your own at Motel AUGH!!!
8:15am - Take Disney buses to MGM, Meet chaperones in front of motel
&:00pm - Group meets chaperones for fantasmic at MGM
9:3-pm - return to motel grr
same lights out routine

Sunday, February 10th
7:30am-8:00am - eat breakfast at motel Disney doesn’t do motels and load buses
8:00am - Charter buses arrive at motel some people just don’t learn to load luggage
9:00am or ASAP - Depart from Disney waaaahhhhhh
1:00pm - Stop for lunch
2:00pm - Leave lunch for Pendleton
7:30pm - Arrive in Pendleton ugg must we come back to reality?


It’s kinda funny but the band director at our school is also Mr. Smith.

The schedule sounds super packed but you’re at WDW so you’ll have a great time!



Augh… I can’t believe I misspelled iteneraries!!! I’m such a ditz!


The itinerary is okay . . . heck, it’s Disney World!! Any itinerary would be a good one.

Um, have fun at your motel.

I mean resort! :wink: :biggrin:


My band director in Jr. high was ALSO Mr. Smith!


:laugh: Victoria you make me laugh!


Have a great trip…how cool, you get to play in the parade!


Thats a busy schedule! but sounds great- have a wonderful time.


Yeah… I can’t wait.

Smith must be a very common name… especially for band directors


I also had Mrs. Smith in 3rd grade. I remember I was NOT a fan… LOL!


Two birds with one stone: McDonald’s is right around the corner from the All Stars at the intersection of Buena vista Drive and Osceola Parkway. It is more expensive than McDonald’s on the street, but if you want to trade cash for time, it’s there.
It’s either that or stop at McD’s/BK on I-4 before you hit WDW, but most won’t open until 6:30 anyway, so you’re back to time vs money.

Yeah, I’d press on to WDW and stop at McDonald’s there. Suggest this to your advisers/chaperones.


How big is the band anyway? How many buses will you be traveling in on? Two or three? Have you ever seen 60 people all try to get on one Disney bus at the same time? Plus add in the normal guests at your hotel’s stop, and the others if it’s a shared bus? I think somebody needs to talk with guest services or directly with Disney Transport to arrange “Mickey Mouse” or “Special” buses to move your group intact. Otherwise, it’s going to be a good hour before everyone gets where they’re going! On show day, I’d have the same buses that are transferring your gear move the band personnel as well!

I hate to burst your bubble, but it is more like a motel than a resort. Just call it a hotel as all the values aren’t much different than Holiday Inn Express or Days Inn. When I think resort, I think Disney deluxes, Ritz-Carlton, something with excellent dining, entertainment, banquet and meeting facilities, a golf course and spa on property.

For your fireworks viewing, ESPECIALLY with the size of your group, I’d have you all meeting up at 8:30. These shows start at 9 PM promptly and I wouldn’t want a large group pushing and shoving for position just as the shows start.
When leaving, I’d again suggest getting McDonald’s to go and not kill time in the food court if they’re only allowing a half hour or even 45 minutes.
Again 8:00 for an 8:30 Fantasmic with a group of 60 people is impractical and maybe you’d better talk to guest services and set up something for the group before it’s too late!


Well… we are taking two buses. And I really do not have much say as to where we go or what we do. Mr. Smith thinks he knows more than I do about Disney. :rolleyes:

We probably already have arrangements, considering that we are marching in the parade and the entire trip was booked through Disney Magic Music Days. And if not, I am in no position to suggest that we get some. Sure, I could tell Mr. Smith how much he’s messed up (I’ve been thinking this all along), but I wouldn’t want to risk getting in trouble. You really can’t argue with him. He sees only one side.

This is not the band’s first time to Disney. We went in 2004 (I wasn’t in marching band, yet…). Mr. Smith says that this is the ninth time he’s taken the band to Disney. (He said this, asking me how many times he’s been to Disney. I just laughed. Nine times? Psshh… had him beat 8 years ago.)

As for the resort/motel thing… I realize that this is the value resort, so I am trying to prepare myself. It can’t be too bad. But it’s a resort. I do not stay in motels. Unless it’s required of me. So… I will continue to refer to it as a resort. That is the name.


Victoria -
The motel/resort thing just cracked me up…I needed a giggle…lol Soundgod should be in charge of your band’s itinerary…seriosuly…lol Smith is to funny…


“Ah, a rose by any other name would still smell so sweet.”

Yeah right. And the New Jersey Meadowlands in the summer still smells like a garbage dump.:blow:

And Brutus was an honorable man… right up until he slipped that dagger in Ceaser’s back:laugh:

Have a safe trip.


:laugh: It’s better than a motel six…disneyfied motel six, but disney all the same. I’d rather stay there than off site any day of the week.


I agree with Dana- Smith should be voted out and Soundgod put in charge :laugh:


You’re such a cynic. This is Disney. Can’t a girl dream? :wub:



A girl must dream:wub: that’s the only way that motel…I mean resort will feel like a deluxe…I am kidding. I am not knocking the values at all…they are perfect for the price and for someone who isn’t going to be spending much time in the room.


:laugh: luckily, with that schedule, we will hardly be there