Not quite a Disney Restaurant, but every been to Jungle Jim's?


I realize Jungle Jim’s isn’t a Disney restaurant, but it’s located less than a mile from Downtown Disney, and a lot of people are familiar with the place. I’ve eaten there once before and can attest to the food being okay, if not pretty good. We’ve been debating what to do when we get into Orlando on Sunday and while checking out some local attractions I read this about Jungle Jim’s:

[I]On Sunday afternoons between 2:00 and 5:00pm, baby tigers and other jungle animals visit the restaurant from the HorseShoe Creek Wildlife refuge. The playful atmosphere will provide entertainment for kids and adults alike.[/I]

Now, like everyone else on earth, I am a big fan of baby tigers, so I am debating going for a late lunch/early dinner. But I’m just curious if this place is a madhouse. Like I said I have been but that was over 5 years ago and only one time and it was a very quiet evening. Has anyone been their when the animals were out or even have a more recent opinion of the restaurant?


I have never eaten there but i just wanted to say hi and welcome to DC!


Yes, Hi Robio!

I used to go to a Jungle Jims in Daytona when we lived over there. It was awesome, although I never did get to see any live animals!
It’s fantastic burgers, and lots of atmosphere!


I have been to Jungle Jims in Orlando, a couple of times. It is a blast, a fun place to eat and the food is pretty good. Haven’t been when they had the animals though. I would bet that during the day, it isn’t too bad. We always go at night after the parks, and it gets pretty crowded.


I’m betting you found a hidden gem. I’m sure there are a few who know about this, but I’m thinking it’s not going to be crowded and a great little excursion. Let us know if you decide to go.


3 more days to see the Mouse!!

Jungle Jim’s is a good place!
Also, if you get a chance check out Goodings at Crossroads, they have great sandwiches/salads, and they are cheaper.
If you like doing the take out thing*
We try all different things, Disney Resteraunts are a blast, fun, exciting, but we do go out and explore the other towns/cities as well.
Winterpark has a wonderful cheap mexican resteraunt.
Myself and my dh are foodies and the food network junkies so we also try out that new
place they discover on those shows!
There’s a fondue place in Orlando we are trying next week as well.
There’s so many great places in the MCO area.
Everyone have fun on their trips and enjoy!!!
pixie dust to all!!! :wink: