Not really a "TR", but lots of FUN!


I thought I posted this, already, but I can’t find it…so if anyone knows where my lost thread is…let me know!

Yesterday, my family took me to DtD and resort hopping to see Christmas lights.

It was fabulous!!! :c)


Me (28 today!)
Matt/DH (30)
Mikie/DS (almost 11)
Sissy/DD (9)
Caisley (20 months)

Here is the grand enterance!! We were so excited!


Don’t know where the other post is but I’m anxious to read this one!!! :mickey:


First, we went to DtD. It was all dressed up for the holidays.

As we were entering, Santa was leaving for his break - but, he stopped and said “Hi” to the kids, which delighted them all!

Mikie and Sissy were very young the last time we all went to DtD together, so they didn’t remember the monster lego creations! (and the family of tourists must be new!)

They had a blast in the lego area, and looking at all the big lego stuff!
I guess the guy on the bench was destroyed in the hurricanes? Didn’t I read that?

Here are Mikie and Sissy with the Sea Monster.


I just loved that sea monster!

And as for the tourists, DH passed right by them once, not looking very carefully and assuming they were real people standing there. <snicker>

I’m glad you had so much fun!


Here is Matt and I infront of the giant Christmas tree.

We played here for a long time. (The kids and us, not Matt and I)


Here are my three munchkins!

They were so good the entire time! No fights! No argueing! Nothing! They played together and loved each other and it made my day!




World Of Disney was a BLAST!

I forced Matt to try on Golden Mickey Ears!

He’s such a good sport. He never smiles in pictures!


We decided to have a late lunch, next. It was around 3, I think.

I went to everyone’s favorite place!!!

It was SO good!! Everyone is completely RIGHT! This is the place to go!

I had “The Original” and a Coke in the tiny holiday bottle. Yum!
Matt ordered the Stucetto? (Is that what’s called?) It didn’t appeal to me, but he said it was unbelievable! He also had a small Ceasar.

The kids both had Turkey/mayo. They shared with Caisley.

Everyone raved about how good it was. Our favorite fast food place is Quiznos here at home, so I was worried it wouldn’t compete, but it most certainly did!!!


I can’t remember where this is at…a pin trading place, I guess…

But, this picture is a testimony of what a BIG deal Mickey is at our house!!

This is Caisley, hugging and kissing him!! She hugged him at least 5 times, and kissed him 2 times! :pinch:

Very cute, though!


Yes, that’s the pin trading station.

Matt looks really thrilled to have you kiss him.

Poor guy I can’t imagine having to live with THAT for the rest of his life. I bet he prays for an early death.


He’s smiling on the inside. :tongue:


We left DtD after looking around for a long time, and headed over to the Contemporary.

My children don’t remember riding the monorail. They both have a number of times, but were too little to remember.
The last time we all went to the MK, we stayed at CSR, and were bussed in from the resort.

The last time we went, we didn’t go to the MK, so we didn’t use the monorail.

So, they were SO EXCITED to go ride it!

Off to the Contemporary, we went! When I was little, I thought the people who got to stay at the Contemporary were SO LUCKY! I wished it was me! I got very giddy as we were driving up to the resort! It’s very impressive :c)


I’ve complained about my camera several times - it’s just a replacement camera - and right now it’s ALL I have. I was spoiled by my HP photosmart one.

This one puts a greyish haze on all my pictures, and the flash is WAY too bright. Either pictures in dim light are very blue or very yellow-ish/bright.
I can NOT find a happy medium.


We were completely impressed with the Contemporary. I’m sure alot of it was nostalgia on my DH’s and me’s part. We remember riding through as kids, like I mentioned before.

The 4th floor is very, very cool. Well, so is everything. More on the arcade later.

We took the resort monorail to the Poly and GF. The pictures didn’t really turn out.

The kids were SOOO excited.

Here is a very poor picture of Caisley - she really enjoyed those monorail rides!


Another sad picture of the Gingerbread house at the GF.

Sissy was so excited to see this Gingerbead house (well, I was, too)

We watched it on the Food Network and on the Travel Channel. We were not dissappointed.

I thought the Grand Floridian was absolutely breath-taking. Wow. It literally took my breath away.

  1. That is one big tree in the lobby.

  2. The gingerbread house is 16 feet tall, and took up ONE little TINY corner in the lobby. The sheer vastness of this resort is incredible

  3. There was an orchestra playing Christmas carols!!!

  4. SOOO PRETTY! Incredible! I was truly blown away…

I wish this picture was better…


wow Erin your kids all look SO much like you! Sooooo cutie!!!
Sounds like fun, can’t wait for more :mickey:


None of my monorail pictures turned out. :angry:

But, after we checked out all the Christmas decorations (at the Contemp, too) we headed got off the monorail at the TTC, and headed to the EPCOT monorail.

NONE Of these turned out, so I won’t bother posting them.

I’ve never been to Epcot. Neither has my DH. We’ve seen TONS of pictures of Spaceship Earth.

NOTHING is like seeing it up close. It was dark out, which added to how impressive it was. Again, blown away!

It was neat to get a sneak peek at Epcot, and none of us can wait to go back and really enjoy the park. Mikie couldn’t believe that Spaceship Earth was actually a RIDE!


It was only 7 by this time, and Mikie and Sissy are HUNGRY!
We have 2 choices at this point:

  1. Hang out at the Contemporary and try to catch the 9:15 fireworks (this had my vote)

  2. Go to the boardwalk and check it out (Dh’s vote)

Not a big deal, we were kinda walking around, trying to decide what to do, when Sissy decided she was thirsty.

I stop at a little coffee/drink bar and get her a coke, and I notice the coffee stirrers say “Contemporary Resort” and so do the napkins. Of course, I take a few, and make a comment on how NICE everything is.

The lady getting her coke gives all the kids a bunch of Mickey stickers. They were so pleased!! :c) (so was I!)

Then we spot the “Fun Center”…

and here enters Option 3.
3. Stay and play!!! So, that’s what we did!


Erin, I was on the look out for you all day yesterday–Wish as well. But if I did see you, I didn’t realize it.

I am glad your day was so fun! I went to the GF a few hours ago and I completely agree that it takes your breath away. It’s gorgeous right now! :mickey:


Here is a picture of Mikie and Sissy running off to play!

(Again, I apologize for the quality :crying:)

I noticed some VERY cool things about this Fun Center:

  1. It’s HUGE. I don’t remember the moderate resorts having this big of an arcade

  2. For those who don’t know, it operates like Dave and Busters. You charge a card up with “points”, instead of carrying around tokens. (Sissy was so cute when she slid her card - I couldn’t help saying “Charge it!” every time)

  3. (yes, 3) The little prizes that the kids exchange the tickets they’ve one for are actually pretty cool! Not like Chuck E Cheese or the boardwalk here in Daytona, where they feel a little cheated! They were so impressed!


By the time they were done playing and picking out their prizes, the baby was grumpy and tired, and so was DH :c)

So, we headed out to grab dinner. We were tempted to try to get a table at Chef Mickey’s (We saw Goofy)

BUT! The line to check in was about 25 people long, so we figured our chances were slim…

So, we left :crying: We didn’t get to see the fireworks, after all. But, that’s ok - the kids had SUCH a good time in the game room, that it was worth it.

We ended our day at Steak and Ale, which was actually pretty good. Then, the 2 and a half hour drive home.


All in all, it was a great day! It was so neat to go see all those deluxe resorts that I read about all the time on here!

The Christmas decorations were amazing, and as always, DtD was a blast.

I can’t wait to go back and tour some parks, but this was a great chance to see the little things of WDW that can get overlooked at times.