Not receiving all posts


Even though I am logged in I am not receiving posts from Chit Chat and Arts & Crafts. I can see them if I go into the forums, but they don’t show up on the home page or Today’s posts sections. Any thoughts, or ideas as to what I am doing wrong?


No, that’s how it is for all of us.

Chit-Chat doesn’t show up on the home page because it’s a private forum.

Arts & Crafts is the new forum, and it seems to be private, too.


As LMM mentioned, not all posts show up on the front page. I also check the new posts at the top of the page. Just habit after I noticed I was missing some of the good stuff.


Thanks! I just didn’t want to miss posts!


I always just it New posts at the top of the page- that way I see what is new since my last time visited.


I will sometimes get Arts &Crafts that way, not always, and I never get Chit Chat unless I go into Forums.


Ok, I just got a Chit Chat post in New Posts?!?


I always get chit chat in new posts. If there are not any new posts since you checked last they wont show up. Sometimes it will show you posts that you have not read since you last visited but that are still not updated since- that is not all the time though. Does that make any sense?


Makes sense to me! :laugh: