Not renting car...costly to cab it to a grocery?


A few years back (maybe '99) we stayed just outside Disney property - just across the street really from the hotels along Buena Vista Blvd. It was fun and pretty close; we’d rented a car that time. There was a grocery store not too far away that we used.

Now I’m curious to what it might cost to get a cab from GF to the store for a few supplies. Surely it would be better than a $40 minimum purchase online with a $12. delivery for just DH & myself?

Any ideas?


The cab will cost you more than the $12 fee to gardengrocer. Plus, they bring it right to you, bell services will hold it for you and you won’t waste valuable park time schlepping around. don’t forget a case or two of water and breakfast snacks. It is well worth the delivery fee.


I don’t understand why you are making such a deal out of a few bottles of water. Just buy them in the parks, and do what people suggested in the other thread you have going…ask for water at the restaurants - it’s free. It can not be as expensive all the way around as renting a car or having it delivered.


I would just order things from the grocer and have them delivered. My guess is the cab will take longer both there and back. Never mind the waste of time running in to get a few things. If you are staying on property take advantage of it and enjoy your time there. I’m sure you can find $45 dollars worth of water, snacks and breakfast supplies. The cab ride will probably cost twice as much as the delivery charge.


I agree. Time is money!!


Sorry gang, I didn’t mean to get people angry or upset with me with my questions…

Getting a cab - anywhere… not just WDW is not something I do in our small town so I really didn’t have an idea of cost. That’s all I was getting at.

This trip, although a glorified long weekend at the GF is a dream for us… with all the bailout talk, election, etc. splurging on this trip right now is a big deal for us. I was just hoping to get a better picture of what to expect while we are there.

Please know however, I am listening to all the suggestions and I’ve taken copious notes and plan to follow much of the advice I’ve heard. I really can’t thank you all enough.


Don’t know when Oct. you’re going to WDW, but if you have the time, why don’t you pack a box with water and any snacks you may want and ship it to your resort? They’ll hold it for you till you get there.


How many days are you going for??
How many people in your party??

How much will you save on each bottle plus food over that period??

I Have never had grocery delivered to resort, We have had dinning plan on our last few vacations so use up snacks for some drinks, like getting large soda to share at counter service and one bottle of water to use through the afternoon.

Cab’s seem to be an expensive way of getting a few things, I would bring with me some things such as cookies chips and chocolate. but the rest for the park just get it in the park.Sure things are tight right now but come and enjoy your holiday:heart: (if you can through a little cash around)


I wouldnt reccomend taking a cab anywhere in Orlando unless you know exactly where you are going. Cab drivers take advantage of the fact that tourists do not know the area and often take advantage. I’ve taken a cab twice to two different places from the airport and had to give the driver directions because he tried to take the looong way.


You didn’t upset me, Joan. I just couldn’t understand the penny pinching. Anything you do to avoid paying $2 a bottle for water at WDW is going to be more expensive and time consuming. You are spending the weekend at the GF. Enjoy it and since that’s a splurge, add $ 20.00 for water to it :smile:

Maybe renting a car through will be a cheap way to see things other than Disney. We have been lucky enough to rent a car with them for $10 or so dollars a day :wink:


How many people are in your group/family? You can throw a few food items in a suitcase and just buy the water as you need it. I’ve also heard of people putting some water in their suitcase. I wouldn’t put too much in but maybe 10 or so bottles to get you started and you can buy it once you run out.