Not so Magical Express


Used it over the weekend and not impressed.

Waited 30 minutes for pickup at airport. Driver was one of the Seven Dwarfs - GRUMPY! Listen to 10 minutes of he is not a Disney CM and ME is run by…blah…blah…blah. :nonono2: :mad:

Oh, yeah. And the reason we have to get picked up 3 hours before our flight is stupid (MY word) tourist who don’t know how to drive or where they are going. :angry:

This is one STUPID TOURIST that has always rented and car - and will continue to do after this experience. :angry:

Ride back was much better. Waited for the STUPID people that obviously waited until the time to leave to have bell service pick up their luggage. :pinch: But at least the driver had a personality.


So sorry to hear about the bad experience–we gave ME high marks in September. Got off plane right to ME bus–bags were in room by 3:00 (we arrived at WL @ 10:15AM). Trip home was just as smooth. We did pack extra clothes in carry-on just in case. So, Cavey was driving your bus, eh???


Sorry you didnt like ME, I guess it is just timing. But I agree the three hour thing kills me.


Aww, that STINKS!! We liked ME and I guess it’s just timing. We DID have to listen to the bus driver go on and on and on about how he wasn’t a Disney employee and all of this personal stuff. We were like, just get us to DISNEY WORLD and BE QUIET!!! :noo: I hope you a least had a wonderful trip!!!


We uswed ME to the ASM and back. It was about 20 minute wait at the airport which was fine, but the way from the ASM back to the airport was HORRIBLE. DH called the night before.Our flight was at 1:30pm. Person tells DH that our pick up time is 10:25 am-perfect 3 hours before; lots of time (NOT!). Bus arrives at 10:45am (we are supposed to check in by 11:30am-2 hours before). After getting on we have to go to the back of ASsports to pick up some cheerleaders that are not ready, then to the front of the hotel, then to Coronado Springs. FINALLY get to the airport shortly after 12:00pm. Thank goodness that the check-in line was short. Didn’t get to stop for lunch before having to go through security, which is a treat in itself. I would rather rent a car.


For the record >> I << didn’t say it was Cavey. :biggrin:

I have not problem with them announcing that Meers is running ME for Disney. For that matter transfers have been a Disney option for years, and will be in the future after ME ends/transforms into something else. I think people like the Disney branding as ME so I expect that will continue.


wow…boo hoo from baloo…that really stinks…yeah I haven’t used that transportation service and because of you thread I will not consider it later in life. sorry:(


I had no problems using it in August. At first I thought the 3 hr. before flight coming back was time wasted but by the time we got there and through security, it seemed about right. Orlando security seems to take a lot longer than when we leave from Philly. I am using ME again next month, so I’ll be sure to post an update.


Hey! That’s what I was gonna say!!! LOL! :tongue:

rlcarmichael - this is not the first time I’ve heard bad things. WHile it’s not an issue for me (FL resident), I won’t be reccommending them to anyone else…


K-bug–you are so right about the airport! The 3 hr. worked out well for us too. I’ll be watching for your update!


Your experiece was exactly as mine. I won’t use it agian either. :angry:


We never used it and probably never will. We just like to have the flexiblity of having our own car and doing what we want to do. Plus with traveling with a 21 month old this time, I didn’t like the fact that our DD wouldn’t be in a car seat. Anyway, it will be rental cars for us too!


We used ME on Nov. 28 and Dec 12 and thought it was fine. Going to disney, we hopped on an almost empty bus and it took off a few min later. Coming back we got the three hour thing, filled up about 1/2 bus at POP and went to the airport. With my DH, you can’t get to the airport early enough.


I’m sorry you didn’t have a better experience with DME. We used it this summer and it was wonderful, we landed at MCO about 8 and we walked right up and checked in, waited about 10 minutes for a bus, then waited another 10 minutes before the bus pulled out. We were at our resort a little more then an hour after landing. The 3 hours worked out well for us when we left, I am one of those people who HAS to be early no matter where I am going and I would never take a chance on missing our flight so I would have left that early even if we had our own car.


Hmm, I hope everything goes smooth when I use it tomorrow. I didn’t have any problems back in June, but I haven’t used it to return to the airport before. Maybe that trip is worse than the trip to Disney. But I will let you know how things are tomorrow. :mickey:


I think it’s a great idea. but unfortunately we got the Grumpy driver and just missed the bus. If the CMs had mentioned that it would be 30 minutes I would have gone away then come back instead of just standing there.

Looks like timing and luck of the driver pool is everything.

Now I’ve got to plan another quickey trip now that they’ve announced the EE DVC Member Sneak Preview.


I’m going with the Quicksilver express. I heard if you use them 1000 times the next trip is free. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about QS, but mixed about ME.
Call me silly, but I’ll go with the sure bet.

(and ‘No’ R2G - you don’t really have to call me silly.)


When I go this weekend, if the guy starts complaining, I’ll start complaining about things I don’t like. Maybe I’ll just ask random questions. I’ll have him getting us there in no time.


WE never used this service but I can tell you we never will either.
We loved havning Quicksilver there for us and that’s how we’re going to keep it. No bad surprises there.
Sorry you had a difficult time with it.


Ooh! Ooh! Can we help? We can think of a good long list of random questions for you to ask him.

• Why do they call it Magical Express?
• How come Mickey isn’t driving the bus?
• How far is it to MY resort?
• Why are all these other people on my magical express?