Not So Scary Halloween Party


We just purchased our tickets for the Not So Scary Halloween Party!!! So, any advice for these newbies? :laugh:


Do not miss the parade or the villains mix and mingle. If you opt to dress up in costume, keep in mind that you are in Florida. Our first time attending we had our DD in a heavy Piglet costume which is perfect thickness for a North East trick or treating. We took it off her after 30 minutes because she was way too hot. Have fun.


Get a map for the trick-or-treat stations. Look at the times for the shows. The villain meet and greet is not to be missed. Get a good spot for the Boo-to-you parade. get there early to see the headless horseman who starts the parade. Most rides are essentially walk on (less than 10 min). Haunted Mansion can be a little more than that at times. Get a good spot for Hallowishes (fire works) not to be missed. The park mostly empties out after the second parade, so we will run around and do more rides after that.


Headless horseman! enuf said :laugh:

Oh and go to the second parade, less crowded.


I totally agree with the advice on going to the second parade. We made the mistake of going to the first and felt that we mismanaged our time and caused ourselves needless stress with crowds because of it.

Make sure you pay attention to where the candy trails are because it is the fastest way to get loads of candy. Also, toward the end of the night they seemed to hand out more per station.


Another vote for the 2nd parade if you can manage it.

If you do go to the 1st parade, I recommend watching from Frontierland and then heading towards Adventureland afterwards. We headed right through Liberty Square and into Fantasy Land and the crowds were INSANE.


Definitly the second parade. Also the villain M&G you will only have time to meet one villain two max if your lucky so ask a CM before jumping into one early. My daughter was Tinkerbell last year so of course we did Hooks line.


This is my favorite event.

Best advice I have:
Get there at 5pm
Get a spot for the first parade at least an hour before it starts, maybe longer
immediately get into Hallowishes mode as soon as the parade ends
after Hallowishes, do the candy trails while the second parade is going on

If you have a second adult, have them hold the parade spot while you trick or treat. After the second parade, the place empties and you have a solid hour or more to go on attractions with no lines.