Not sure where to post this


If you like pictures I just put a whole bunch of “older” pictures of trips we made back in '94 and '95 plus it has some good pictures of Spectromagic. Take a look at my album of pictures if you like.


I think Theme Parks works.
It isn’t exactly a trip report and it will be seen by more than if it was in Chit Chat.


Mouse trap or theme parks will work.


Dana should know. Put them in this thread. If you’d like to change the title of your thread, you’ll need a moderator’s help, but I think you’ll get plenty of views here as is.
So, put them up!


Thanks for sharing.


great pics, thanks for sharing


So? Where are the pictures? I don’t see a link.


I can’t see the pics either!!!


You should be able to go to my page on here and look under “pictures and alblums”.


OK, now that I know where to look.

Cute stuff.