Not that thrilled with Donald's Safari Breakfast


Well, we finally got reservations for the relocated Donald’s Breakfast in the AK at Tusker House on Sunday. I was less than impressed. The biggest let down was the lack of an omelet station or the ability of the kitchen to prepare eggs to order. The DW bemoaned the lack of Lox for her bagel.
Those would be my biggest minuses.
There were a couple dishes that seemed more interesting than they turned out to be. I can’t cite anything specific because it seems much of my Tusker House experience has already gone down the old memory hole.
I’d only rate it average. It was OK, but not what I expected. We’ll go back, eventually, but for the foreseeable future, it’s way down on the list.


Thats a bummer, cuz we liked the old location and menu!


No lox? That’s unforgivable!


:laugh: You always make me laugh! :laugh:

Sorry you didn’t have a good experience Soundgod…I hope they have improved when you decide to give it another try!


That is a bit of a downer…Breakfastsaurus was one my old time favorites and I am a bit upset to hear that is just maybe average at it’s new home…really shame. ARe the cast members at that location as fun as the other ones? The service there (at the old one) was always just perfect.


Thanks for the info, Soundgod. We’ve still been tossing around Boma vs. Tusker House for breakfast, but this makes me think we should just do Boma and cancel the TH ressie.


Dana, I honestly don’t know how much was an actual let down and how much was anticipation and how much was not getting a decent night’s sleep.
I’m trying hard to shade things here because I don’t want to tell everyone it stinks, because it doesn’t. I just felt it didn’t measure up to Breakfastosaurus, Boma, or Cape May Cafe.
We had a 10:30 reservation and the characters were coasting. Their handlers came by to make sure we’d seen them, but they (the characters) didn’t really put anything into their interaction with us, but we didn’t really feel like doing much with them either, we didn’t want to force an interaction when all we wanted was to eat and all they wanted was to get that stinking costume off. The place was pretty empty by this time, so we didn’t get to see the characters playing with other guests’ children. I’m sure if it were 9:30 and not 10:30, they would have been more “on”.
Missymouse, we ate at Boma the next two days and I liked it much better. But again, being able to get the omelet I want at breakfast really changes my mood for the day and the staff at Boma are all exceedingly friendly and many have been there since AKL opened.
I still honestly couldn’t tell you not to do Tusker House over Boma, but if you can work out the transportation so it’s not so painful, I might lean towards Boma. If not, keep the Tusker House reservation and just hop the bus for AK and enjoy.


We used to like Brekfastsaurus in it’s old location years ago but felt that it got worse over the years. Sorry the new breakfast was a bummer, Doug. :blow: A note on the lox…years ago Hollywood & Vine used to have a breakfast with Goofy, Minnie, C&D and they were drssed like 40’s movie stars. Anyway, the brealfast was fantastic! :wub: :wub: I used to go home craving the bagels with cream cheese, lox, capers and onions. I can never find anything like it anywhere in WDW these days.:frown:


Did they give out breath mints with that too?!?! :blink: :laugh: :laugh:


DW says only Cape May Cafe and Crystal Palace have lox for bagels at breakfast. I told her to ask at Boma, but she never bothered.
I would have liked to have done the 40’s movie star character breakfast, but I didn’t know about it back then, or possibly it was before I started going to WDW as often as we do.


That’s a real shame. I went to it when it was at it’s old location and I really enjoyed it. I may give it a browse the next time we’re there and see if the food looks appetizing. Thanks for the heads up.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I guess everything you eat smells like roses!:laugh:


Cape May Cafe’ does not as far as I know. We have been 3 times in the past 5 years and I have never had bagels and lox - if I find out that I missed it on the buffet somehow!!!:mad: :laugh:


:laugh: Oh no, not at all! I just ate a pita stuffed with chicken and grilled onions!! :laugh:


I hadn’t heard about the move, but the Unofficial Guide had always given the Breakfrastsarous so-so reviews.


This is my all time favorite character breakfast! I wish they still had it. I loved the character dress and interaction and the food was the best!:wub: Sure wish they still had it.

As to Tusker House, I hope it is good. I finally got ADR for our trip. It was hard, I had to keep calling over and over to get it.


We tried this bkfast in its old location, and weren’t impressed at all. The food was ordinary, and the character interaction was terrible. Now that we have 3 kids, we are trying the new location, but DH and I don’t have our hopes up.


For sure they’ve got it there these days. We ate at Cape May in December and April and they have it now. It’s on the side buffet with the cereals and yogurts, not the main buffet.


I’d really like all of you to keep an open mind here. Remember, I said I wasn’t that thrilled, I didn’t say it bit big wienie. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give it a 3.35. I’m sure most of you will love it.


I know where you mean. I think I usually see yogurt, cereal and fruit and pass it by since that is what we eat for breakfast everyday at home.:redface: I will definately put it on our list for October. I think it is one of the best breakfasts in WDW. We originally tried it just because of the name - we live pretty close to Cape May, NJ.