Not the best rates


The promotional rate $124.00 is not that great I don’t think and there is no internet rate either. At this point in time if that is the best they do for my December dates that I guess me jumping the gun and going with Jetblue was not entirely wrong.


I think you were right to jump the gun franco. Just look at it as one less thing to worry about and one more thing that is done for your trip. That’s how I’m handling it.


Yes I think your right Dana. Plus its only a few bucks difference and I can go right to Logan ,I got the flights I wanted so everything is fine! :happy:


That is the best way to look at it. I just unsubscribed to all my travel connections so I don’t “hear” about anymore flight sales…lol Why torture myself?


Oh, Franco - I’m glad you ignored my advice to hold it out. I think this fuel price surge is hurting us all in terms of getting any more deals. I was hoping to take the family to San Francisco with me in August (need to travel for work again!), but DH just doesn’t want to spend the money.