Not to miss attractions at AK


We went to AK last year and although we saw all the shows, we only did some rides. I really did do my homework, but there where a few I thought we could skip. We did the most talked about, kalie RR, Bugs life, the shows and of course the safari. Were only there half the day. So what good ones did we miss? And what would you suggest we skip (if anything, this is disney). Our DD’s will be 10 and 8 our next trip. Thanks a bunch!


You must really try to visit Conservation Station especially if your girls like animals, there is Affection Section where you can go inside the animal pen and brush/pet the goats, see the cow, donkeys, pigs and llama. It’s a pretty neat area that often gets overlooked. Another area not to be missed is the Maharaj Jungle Trek with the tigers, bats and kimodo dragon. Did you experience Chester and Hester’s Dino-rama? Some think it’s un-Disneylike because of the carnival type atmosphere but I like it and your girls may like Triceratop Spin and Primeval Whirl. Do your girls like thrill rides? If not, stay away from Dinosaur, it’s pretty extreme especially if you do not like very dark and very loud rides. :ohmy: Just my two cents but I hope it helps you.


Love that Primeval Whirl! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!


Dinosaur is our favorite, plus Kilimanjaro Safaris (go early in teh morning or really late to that one!).


You’ve all listed get attractions. Don’t forget the walking tours in Africa and Asia. The animals are often so close. Take your time and I think you’ll like these.


Also on the two walking tours, be sure to ask the CMs hanging around each area some questions about the animals in the area. They’re there to tell you all kinds of interesting information about the species, and especially I love hearing about all the interesting stories about the individual animals themselves! They’re great with kids…and adults!


For me live performance is where it’s at, so my MUST DO for the Animal Kingdom is “Festival of the Lion King”. I probably wouldn’t miss Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade either.

A related note: Animal Kingdom requires a different pace than the othe parks. Take your time, stroll around and just explore and discover the animals and plants that are there, especially at the Oasis and Discovery Island.


Umm and when everest is put in, that too…
Other than the shows and walking tours, well I don’t know…
But you do need to just stop and look around, there’s lots to see, but I think people want rides, nahtazu :wink:
I just wish the WDW guys paid a litte more attention to Tampa, you wanna see a zoo/themepark done right drive to BG for the day. Great animal exhibits, excellent roller coasters, oh and free beer!


What will Everest be like??


DinoLand USA is a little hokey, but that’s exactly what it is supposed to feel like. The majority of the rides are supposed to evoke the feeling of those cheesey dinosaur themeparks that you find scattered across the midwest. The rides however are much better fortunately. I was skeptical about it at first, but it has since become my favorite part of the park.

Dinosaur is loads of fun but definetly an intense and fairly rough ride and not really suited for small children. I got a bit banged up by it the first time I went on it. Since then they may have actually make it a little more smooth since I didn’t have the same problems when I went back 2 years later.

My children have always enjoyed the Boneyards. Not something for adults, but there are tons of slides and things to climb on. It’s like the world’s coolest playground with a dinosaur feel to it.

Finally the Primeval Whirl is an incredible ride. It’s like riding one of the teacups on a rollercoaster track. Fun stuff, but don’t eat before you get on.


I here the Everest experience will be a roller coaster like the mattahorn, but much bigger! I have also heard that the Abominal snowman makes an appearance. I’ve seen pics of models of the ride and it really looks wild - may rival the Rockin’Roller-Coaster.

MM :eek:


My kids LOVED the Boneyard…took and act of Congress to get them out of there! Nice cool spot to relax while the kids play. I saw Tarzan Rocks on the travel channel and it looks like a great show as well…we are going to hit that one next time b/c we completely missed it last time.
We also like the Jungle Trek…the kids each had books and there are games, etc for them to play and they get stamps in their books. My kids had a great time playing the games and learned a LOT about the animals. My oldest is an animal junkie so he LOVED the Jungle Trek and the games.


my favorite attractions in AK are “The Festival of The Lion King,” Mickey’s Jamming Jungle Parade, The Kilamanjaro Safari, The Maharajah Jungle Track, and just about anything with animals. those are not to be missed on my list.


I don’t think it will rival RNRC, from what I saw, it looks to be more in the vein of SM or BTM in MK. Which to be honest I do hope it is like those rides. WDW needs some of the more classic rides in the theme parks. IN an era of thrills and chills we need some new dark rides. I mean look at Spiderman, thats a dark ride and one of the best in my opinion.
Ok thats going off track, but looking at the track and how it was positioned, it doesn’t look as though it will be able to take RnRC. Of course I think it’s going to be inside as well, but I’m not sure. Its really hard to take a guess when you only see part of an exposed track and thats stupid wall is there!
Hey does anyone have a link to the artists concept of Expedition Everest?? You know the one that is on the wall??


Favorite AK attractions!!! Dinasaur, Pangani Forest Trail, Maharajaj Forest Trail, Safari, Lion King, Kali River Rapids, It’s Tough to Be a Bug! All of these are great fun. Also for kids, especially, Pochantas and her Friends, Wonders of Flight (wild birds show), Rafiki’s Planet Watch(Conservation Station, Petting Zoo - Great, both educational and fun. The train trip from Africa to Planet Watch is cool too.) In general, there is a lot more to do in AK than some give it credit for.



I’m with you, RedBear, on the Affection Section. How about some howler monkeys, or maybe one of those bird-eating tarantulas from Guatemala? :biggrin: But seriously, something more exotic would really seem more appropriate. I had the feeling of journeying through the wilds of the African bush only to reach…a 4-H fair!

About these surgeries…Do they really show actual surgery? That sounds like such a gnarly thang, that must surely result in shrieking little ones and nightmares for years. It just can’t be --imagine the lawsuits. Remember how horrified people were at the scary-level of Extra-Terror-estrial-ification? :wink:


me too and it’s a bugs life.


I loved Chester & Hester’s Dino-rama! Primeval Whirl was fun, if dizzying. For Dinosaur, if your DD’s can ride Star Tours, it’s about that level, you get tossed around quite a bit, and it’s in the dark with roars and screams. Fun, if they know what to expect. Have you seen Tarzan Rocks? We really enjoyed that as well.

Have fun! :mickey: