Not WDW but FREE universal 2/park 7 day pass


Ticked promotion, register here, hurry…

sponsored by universal studios, no third party

The Universal Heroes Free Ticket Giveaway

I found it here (and details)…


Could this be a limited answer to Disney’s “free on your birthday” promotion? Since it is limited to ‘one per household’, it seems like a way to give one away to get others to pay…


Whatever it is, I signed up!! Thanks, OP for the link.

I’d love to win a free ticket, and would gladly only have to pay for two more…lol!!!


I sent for mine. I love “free” stuff!


Wow, thanks!


The giveaway has already ended!!!

It ended at noon today, Feb. 2, 2009.
It was only for the 24 hours from noon 2/1- noon 2/2.
The sweepstakes is still running until the end of the month.


Thanks for the information. I registered early this morning. :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Dang, I looked at this before noon and didn’t do it…:pinch: Just another lesson on why not to procrastinate! :laugh:


Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I was at school! :crying:

I entered the sweepstakes…


Boy, that went fast.


sweet!!! thank you very much


I hope it comes in, Ill post If I hear something…


Darn. I missed this one. I need to spend more time on here and less time on Grad school. Just kidding!


I Won!!! I just got the info…We may go again in May or later this yr.


Really??? Awesome (grrr… I wanted it)!


I just got an email I won too!


I have my e-mail open… :laugh:

Come on, Universal!!!


I won as well. I guess we will be using it sometime.


How are you all winning???

I’m about to enter every family member!!!


I won, and so did DH! yahoo!