Nothing ready!


I am so confused and only have 2 days left til we leave. We have nothing ready because we had in a death in the family last tuesday which everything that goes along with that lasted til thursday. Then friday saturday and this morning we took my DD up to college. Now that we are home we have so much to do and dont know quite where to start even though this is our 12th trip lol. Is there any advice anyone can give me as far as remembering to pack certain things and tips. My mind just isnt in place lol :wacko:


Things to remember:

Clothes (yes, I know you won’t forget them…lol)
Extra socks
two pairs of walking shoes
sweatshirt (just in case)
shaving cream
any meds you take + apsrin
any other “get ready” items you use
waist pack or back pack
extra empty bag in side a suitcase for things you buy at WDW
check you PS’s if you have any
Check your airfare to make sure all is on schedule before you leave for the airport
Make sure all your reservations at the resort are in order
Make any room requests via fax machine
check on ground transportation


Sorry to hear about your loss - This break should be right what Walt would have ordered!
In addition to all that is above I would add:
Passes (if you have already purchased)
Raingear or Umbrella
Camera, Extra Batteries & Film (if you haven’t gone digital)
Have a great time!


Thanks those are some ideas believe it or not that i couldnt even think of before lol


Dont forget your wallet, money, cashiers checks, credit cards or whatever means you are using to pay for items once you get there. Any extra garbage bag to put wet clothes in or to put dirty clothes in so they arent with your clean clothes.

Also, sunglasses.


I think it has about been covered. Have a great trip!


So sorry to hear of your loss. This will be a well needed getaway for you!!

laundry essentials (if you are going to do laundry while there)
address’ for postcards & stamps
e-mail address’ (there are plenty of places to send funny free e- mails)
hairdryer/curling iron/brushes/combs/scrunchies/headbands
make sure you have all your confirmations/reservations tickets/airline tickets with you as you walk out your door.

Have a wonderful trip and I hope you will be able to enjoy and get alot off of your mind!!


don’t really have any advice for you right now but wanted to also say that I’m sorry to hear about your loss, I know what you are going through right now I had a family member killed in a bad accident a few weeks ago and packing to head back home I had to keep thinking what I needed to bring with me.



We got 3/4ths of the way to Chicago’s Midway Airport before I realised that I had to surrender my Driver’s License to officer friendly two day’s prior, and this was on SEPTEMBER 18th 2001. Had to go to the city of my birth and get a birth certificate and used it w/ my Sam’s Club (true story) card and a credit card to get through security.


Don’t forget any medications you might need!!!


Thanks everyone! We are totally excited for tomorrow ill have to write a trip a report when we get back!!! :mickey:


OMG only 13 hours left and you be headed to WDW!!! Have a great time!!

Do not forget …

To have fun!!!