Nov 24 - 28 2008 Dining Cancellations


Hey everyone!!

I had to change some dining reservations for Nov 11/24 - 11/28 of this year. Maybe you can take advantage:

11/24 California Grille (9:30 pm)
11/25 Chef Mickey’s (7:05 am)
11/26 Chef Mickey’s (7:05 am)
11/27 Chef Mickey’s (7:05 am)
11/27 Kona Cafe (12:10 pm)
11/27 Tony’s Town Square (5:15 pm)

Good Luck!!


You are so nice to have made this offer. I’ll be there during those dates but those times for Chef Mickey are waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too early for us :laugh:!! Hopefully someone will be able to take advantage.


Nice of you to post them so people can try and snatch them up! I didn’t know Chef’s was open for 7:05…hmm wish all the character meals opened that early.