Nov-Dec weather


I want to go to Disney the first week in Dec to see all the wonderful decorations that I have been hearing about. But DH said that he heard that it’s cold in Florida in Dec. I beg to differ and can’t seem to convince him otherwise.

Please put in your 2 cents worth and convince him that the weather will be nice, compared to New England weather it’s going to feel like heaven!:santa: :santa:


I live here in Sunny Fl, and the weather does vary, but what’s COLD to us (60 degress) IS NOT by any standard COLD by you. Last year Dec, we were sweatin’ when it was “snowing” on Main Street, but the year before it was a little cooler. (needed a hoodie, or long sleeve T).

SOOOO . . . YES, compared to New England December . . . even at 58 degrees, which is the lowest I’ve seen it go . . . it will be HEAVEN!! Plus, throw in a little Disney Magic and you’ll be lovin’ it!! :heart:


Two yrs ago we went in Nov/Dec. It was wonderful during the day, even a bit hot (for me at least), but once the sun went down, we were cold. Looking at, the average low is about 55, but it has gotten down to about 30. We tend to go to the parks all day,so we have to be prepared. We go into a park with short sleeve shirts, and in the backpack carrying jackets, hats, even gloves.

But for me, I’d rather deal with cold, than to pass out from the heat. And the Christmas lights and such are wonderful. After the fireworks at Epcot, my DH and I would sit on “our” bench and watch the lighted arch thing and the dancing fountain, while millions of people ran for the bus. But that’s us.:happy:


It all depends where you live as to if it is cold or not in the winter months visiting WDW. I have been in November and January and the temps have been all over the place. Being from Indiana anything above 50 from November-February is shorts weather.


Same goes for NJ. We are going in early December and I anticipate a sweatshirt at night but otherwise… pure heaven!!:laugh:


Went for christmas 06. Had Tee shirts and shorts for half the trip and sweatshirts and jeans for the other half. Figure that out.:confused:


Last time we went was the second week of November. It was on the cooler side for a couple days, upper 60’s then went to the 70’s. DH and I wore jeans for the cooler days, kids of course wore shorts.

We took a jacket for first thing in the AM, then rented a locker to put them in so we didn’t have to carry them, then got them again when the sun went down. It worked out great.

I loved that time of the year because they were slower. We hardly waited for any ride. We are going this year at the same time for that reason. After making plans we found out that will be the kickoff of the Christmas parties.

WooHoo! How great will that be. I do anticipate a little larger crowd because of this, but it will still be wonderful.

Pack shorts, T’s, jeans, sweatshirts. Decide each day what you want! (Of course pack only 1 or 2 sweatshirts because you could always buy one there then!



Aww that is my favorite time to go to WDW. The weather varies like everyone has said. You need to pack for anything. Compared to New England though I really don’t think you will consider it cold. I used to live in Ct, then moved to Va. and I love Dec in WDW keep trying to talk him into it you will have a blast.


When we were there in December I had anticipated some chilly nights. I thought that would actually be fun. However, even though the temps do dip slightly, the humidy in FL never seems to go away and we spend our entire trip in t shirts. So much so, that night I had gotten all 3 of us matching disney Christmas sweaters and DH ditched his half way through Epcot to buy a short sleeve polo! Maybe we just happen to have a warm weather period, but coming from NY, it was still VERY warm down there to us.


We love December in Disney. It can get a bit cold at night but coming from New England I find it still nice. You may need a light coat or sweatshirt at night


We went the first week in December two years to see the lights also, we had never seen them. The weather was very nice. A couple of early mornings and evenings we wore sweat suits. but the rest of the time was short. We are from Illinois so it was very warm to us. Just to see all the lights and decorations was worth it, but the lines were also short. I remember going on Soarin three times in one afternoon. The lights at MGM are so amazing they have to be seen to believe them.


We have done the last week of Nov before and it could be a little chilly. But, then again, I am a Southerner, and kind of cold natured. Last year, I wore a fairly thick fleece sweatshirt the last day of our trip and would have been uncomfortable without it. I think it pays to be prepared for any kind of weather at that time of year. One day 80 degrees, the next day 55 degrees!!


If you are from NE, you will enjoy the weather. The days are warm (for us), and the nights can /do get cool, more like a crisp fall night. You will need a variety of clothes, but it is so worth it.


First week of Dec is still warm. You should be fine with a t-shirt and shorts with a sweat shirt for the evening and/or early morning chill.

The sun will heat things up fast.

Later in Dec it can get down right chill and by chill I mean the low 60’s some days.


It can differ I live in Florida a few years ago it was thirty degrees and about 60 during the day … Last year we went on December 22 for the day and I was in shorts and a tshirt …


Florida is the only place that you can watch four different weather casts on the news and all of them will be wrong. Our weather is so difficult to predict. Last winter, our weather was really warm through January. For new years I was in a long sleeve button down shirt with dress pants and was quite warm. But, we can get down to the 30’s and 40’s in December. It is so difficult to even try and guage what our weather will be like. Typically though, December is a semi-warm month for us. It’s usually Jan-Feb that gets the coldest.


I know when we went in Dec. of 2004, we had nights where it was in the 40’s and 50’s! We were extremely glad we had our winter coats, hats, and mittens with us! Then, in 2005, the weather was much milder.


OK, so I just booked my trip for Nov 28th to Dec 5th. I’m hoping for warm weather so my DH doesn’t say “I told you so!”

Thank you so much for all your replies:wub:

Wish me luck!!!:blow:


Good luck! Where will you be staying? Planning on doing the MVMCP? You should do it!


We are staying at the Widerness Lodge. We definately plan on attending the Christmas party. That’s really the reason why I want to go.:heart: