November Crowd Levels - First Week


I am trying to convince DH to go on a short November trip as I have never been to the Christmas Party.

I was reading the Unofficial Guide 2011 and they say that the first week of November can be just as busy as Christmas time.

Does anyone know why?

Also, If I plan the trip to go from the Friday BEFORE Thanksgiving (November 18th) and leave the Wednesday Before Thanksgiving (the 23rd) would I be able to expect low crowds?

I have no problem going any other time during November if you have a different suggestion.

I am not even sure how many nights. DH is breaking down to 5 I think (per the example above) but I kinda want 6.

Thanks everyone. I’m sorry I have not been around lately but I still plan on completing my TR! :blink:

Love, Lisa


We went a couple years ago Nov 13th through the 17th. The crowd level was fabulos. Never waited long in line at all. Weather was great also. Warm enough in late morning and all afternoon for shorts. Then around dinner went back to resort to put on pants and a hoodie. They began having Christmas up by then. Missed a little, but had enough put out to really get you in the mood. One of my favorite times to go.


I’ve been living and working here for 7 years now, and never has the first week of November EVER been busy like Christmas. You’ll be fine. It’s slow. The only time it’s really busy here in November is the week of Thanksgiving.